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info2Hi. Its been a while. How are you doing? I have really missed But I have a lot on my mind which does not accommodate. So, I had to migrate to If you liked what I did here, then check me out @

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How To Add An Official Twitter Follower Counter On Your Website

Screenshot_2014-05-13-09-10-01One way to show your popularity on the social media or to show how much people appreciated your contributions to the internet world, is to show the number of your followers, subscribers or number of those who like your fan pages….Read more

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Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpegHii. Its been a while. It feels good to connect with you again 🙂 I have been working on my new wordpress blog; and it feels really feels good that it finally cruised into the blogosphere late last month. This brings to a halt, further postings to How sad, but with time, you will love my new blog more 🙂, content-wise, promises to be better, more informative, educating and inspiring. Since it is a self-hosted site, I am working hard to make sure it lives up to its name…INFOPLAZE.

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sunshine-award-sunflower2Wining an award is a clear sign of an appreciation of your efforts in a particular endeavour. Wining the same award more than once means that the other awards did not come by chance. This explains why this particular award carries a lot weight to me 🙂 So, I want to express my deep appreciation to my friend DON CHARISMA for this award. Also, big thanks to all the friends of my blog for the “sunshine” they have added to my efforts.

Aside from the fact that I love blogging….

1.  I appreciate God a lot for all He has done, is doing and would do for me

2. I love gadgets a lot, particular ICT gadgets

3. I am hardly contented with my achievements. Why? Because there is always a better way of going about what I have achieved

4. One day and very soon and as God lives, I will be globally recognised for my  achievements

5. I love “swimming” and what I can do with it

6. Outstanding performance is my best goal in life

7.  I cherish my peace of mind a lot

8.  GOD has proved that he is indeed merciful by giving a sinner like me two human beings as gifts…who can beat this?

9. I strongly feel that the world would be a wonderful place to live in if we ALL sang and lived by Michael Jackson‘s HEAL THE WORLD and MAN IN THE MIRROR

10. I cannot do without GOD in ALL my undertakings.


My awardees, in no particular order, for this award are as follows:




About Don Charisma

Once again, thanks for all your encouragement 🙂


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Using God’s Antecedents As FAITH BUILDERS


“God is not a man, that he should lie;

neither the son of man, that he should repent:

hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken,

and shall he not make it good?” – Numbers 23:19


Have you ever finished praying and thereafter, start having doubts as to whether God will grant your request? Or perhaps there is a delay in your prayers being answered and you begin to wonder if GOD is able or still has the ability to do as you requested? If you have, then brighten up ‘cos you are not alone on this 🙂 I have found myself in this situation a number of times.

 Now faith is substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things of things not seen – Heb 11:1

 One of the greatest problems Christians and indeed, most people who go to God for help, have been facing is the LACK OF FAITH. Even some Pastors, who are sincere, will open up and tell you that they have encountered this problem, at one time or another.

 But without faith it is impossible to please Him:

for he that cometh to God must belief that He is,

and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him – Heb 11:6

As someone who has grown up seeing God Almighty as an indispensable part of my existence, I just had to evolve a means of breaking free from this MONSTER that had constituted itself as a huge barrier between man and God Almighty. A sick acquaintance once concluded that God can never heal him. Imagine that!!! And with that belief, he, and like so many people like him, have distanced themselves from GOD and all He stands for, and consequently, have not been able to benefit from the awesome power of God.

Faith building is therefore an exercise that we have to do if we will not end up disconnecting ourselves from the most reliable, regret-free, potent, and powerful source of help. Have you been doing this?

 And the Lord said, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,

ye might say unto this sycamine tree,

Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea,

and it should obey you – Luke 17:6

Read my recipe for faith building….

Once, my son’s (5 years+) friend did not allow him to touch his toy. My son said to him: “my daddy will buy me a better toy.” He turned to me and asked: ”daddy wouldn’t you?” I answered: “of course.” There was this confidence that he exuded when he told his friend what he knew I will do. That is not the first time something like that will happen. My son simply based his confidence on my antecedents.

Interestingly, this encounter between my son and his friend is similar to how I have been able to build my faith from the very low level it was before, to where it is today. All I do I do is to use God’s antecedents as my FAITH BUILDERS. I am not alone on this.

When David had to face Goliath, he did not depend on his ability, he said to Saul…..

 “The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion

and out of the paw of the bear,

he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine.

And Saul said unto David, Go and the Lord be with thee – 1 Sam 17:36

He had confidence in God because of His antecedents. He believed that God was very reliable and could be trusted to do it again and again. He believed that God’s power was not seasonal and had no limit regardless of who or what the opposing power was. Like me, he pondered over what God had done for him in the past and used them as FAITH BUILDERS. At the end, David was not disappointed….

 And David put his hand in his bag and took thence a stone and slang it,

and smote the Philistine in his forehead,

that the stone sunk into his forehead;

and he fell upon his face to the earth –  1 Sam 17:49

I was not the stone that killed Goliath. It was the power of God that followed the stone to do the damage.

We put confidence in people because they have been tested and are trust worthy. Since they have fared well in a particular activity, we believe that they will always live up to expectations. If we can do this in respect of mere humans, why not with respect to God. The Bible and my blog are awash with awesome miracles and wonderful testimonies about God. In fact, I have labeled one chapter of the Bible MY COMFORTER. It’s Exodus 14. Please find time to read it. Please also find time to read one of my favourite posts centered on MY COMFORTER. It is one of my greatest FAITH BUILDERS.

So, like David, what I do when I pray is to put God in remembrance. I remind Him of His awesome deeds of the past. I don’t do this because God has a bad memory, but because He has instructed us to do so.…

Put me in remembrance: let us plead together :

declare thou, that thou mayest be justified – Isaiah 43:26

Faith building is a gradual thing. It does not just happen. It happens over time. It requires a deliberate and conscious effort and a strong determination to cleave to God. There are bound to be challenges. You will see, hear and read things that will attack your efforts to build up your faith. But since you expect these challenges to come, you look beyond them. Surmounting these challenges becomes easier when you have an attitude of “I expected it.” Feed your mind with positive things about God. Pray for His guidance and assistance. Go to church regularly. Read the Bible regularly. Read, listen to, and watch testimonies. These will help you build up a “basket of testimonies.” These will also help you build up your confidence in God and ultimately become FAITH BUILDERS for you. For if God can be awesome yesterday, He will be today and ALWAYS. For He has said…

For I am the Lord, I change not – (Malachi 3:6)

Wishing you loads of God’s luck in your FAITH BUILDING 🙂

Thanks for your time

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Seeking GOD’s Support In 2014

church-Prayer.jpgPraise God for making you and I and our lovely families to see 2014. We bless God for His mercies, grace and love in 2013. if not for Him a lot of things would have gone permanently wrong. Hallelujah !!!

As we set out in 2014, it makes a lot of sense to Ask God for His divine direction in all our endeavours. Man will forever be man in his reasoning and ways of doing things. God will forever be God too. His infinite wisdom and ever-reliable knowledge would be very useful for us in 2014. His regret-free guidance and mentoring will keep us from waste of scarce resources, especially time and money. His foresight will provide us with an excellent and rewarding guide throughout the year.

In John 21, we are told of how Peter went out fishing and caught nothing. He caught nothing because he relied on His ability, which failed Him. He also failed because he did not know the right side of the boat/water that would yield a good catch. Man will forever think and act like man. However, when Jesus intervened, the difference between the knowledge of man and that of God became obvious. No gambling. No guesses. No risk-taking. No mistakes. No flaws.

Hence, in 2014, I am looking forward to divine directions like this…

Throw your net on the right side of the boat

and you will find some. When they did, they

were unable to haul the net in because

of the large number of fish – John 21:6

The Lord is still performing these miracles in the lives of those who seek His intervention after toiling for so long without success.

My prayer for 2014:

Heavenly father, I am human and will always be. In 2014 (and beyond), I count on your divine direction. I count on your flawless decisions, direction, mentoring and guidance. I count on your ever-reliable wisdom and knowledge. I count on your abundant grace, mercy and unconditional love. I count on your ability to do what is seen to be impossible. As you live and because of the awesome things you have done for me in the past and knowing and believing that you change not, 2014 will be a testimony-packed year for me and my family, in Jesus awesome name I pray, amen!

NB: You can copy and paste this prayer on the comment box if you so desire 🙂

I wish you a blissful 2014 filled with God’s ever-reliable direction.


Do You Belief In Miracles?

IMG0405AThis a special year-end dedication to the God of Miracles….

I have sojourned in this world for a while. I have seen a lot of things happen. I have heard a lot of strange testimonies – all attesting to the awesome power of God. However, it was in 2001 God proved to me that all those strange testimonies were actually true.

Is it possible for a man’s heart to be beating for hours without blood in his system? I don’t have to be a Doctor to know that it will only take a miracle for that to be possible. Well, God visited that miracle on my brother in that fateful night of September 21(or thereabout), 2001. After that incident, I believed anything I am told that God did. Because, indeed, with God, all things are possible. I can’t think of a better way of expressing my gratitude to this God of Miracle other than “advertising” Him as much as I can.

As my year-end thanks giving post, the last post for the year, I have decided to share five memorable display of awesomeness by God, as a way of further telling my blog visitors that GOD is real and His power knows no limit or impossibility. Enjoy your read…

The miracle at the Red sea

Exodus 14 is my favourite Bible chapter. I call it My Comforter. It talks about how God turned hopelessness into victory. It sounded very unreasonable to me when God told Moses and the Israelites to match on towards the Red Sea. It sounded much more unreasonable when He told Moses to tell the Israelites to stand firm… the midst of absolute danger!!! But the God of Miracles showed His awesome power without weapons of war or any physical contact.

For me, many times, He has turned what seemed like a hopeless situation into testimonies. 2014 promises to be a year filled with miracles…for me and my family and for you too 🙂

Abraham and Sarah bear a child at 100 and 90 years old respectively

Sarah was childless until she was 90 and had lost hope completely. Sarah and Abraham laughed at God when He told them that they will have Isaac. As far as they were concerned it was impossible to have a child at their ages. But God asked..

Is anything too hard for the LORD –  Gen18:14

But to proof His awesome power…

…the LORD visited Sarah as He had said

and the Lord did unto Sarah as He has spoken

…at the set time of which He had spoken to him – Gen 21:1-2

If God can do it for a 90 and 100 year old, then what is the reason behind the lack of hope for a much more younger couple.

Feeding of 500 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes

These days, it costs so much to feed a small family, talk less of a large family, how much more 5000 people. But Jesus shocked a gathering of 5000 people when He…

…took the loaves and when He had given thanks,

he distributed to the disciples and

the disciples to them that were set down;

and likewise of the fishes as much as they would – John 6:11

Just when everyone was confused as to what had happened, 12 baskets of fragments that remained were gathered. This was not magic. It was the GOD of Miracle whose powers knows no impossibility, at work.

The great catch of fish

In John 21, we are told of how Peter went out fishing and caught nothing. Then Jesus said…

Throw your net on the right side of the boat

and you will find some. When they did they

were unable to haul the net in because

of the large number of fish – John 21:6

The Lord is still performing these miracles in the lives of those who seek His intervention after toiling for so long without success.

The fall of the wall of Jericho

Man fights using weaponry. God fights without coming down for any physical contact. The fall of the wall of Jericho (Joshua 6:20) by mere blowing of the horn and shouting to the Lord, is a clear indication of how powerful GOD can be. Jericho was a strong city, heavily fortified with double wall. But nothing stops the God of Miracles from doing what He wants to do. For it is written…

The weapons of our warfare are not canal,

but mighty through God to the

pulling down of strongholds – 2 Cor 10:4

At this juncture, I want to say a big thank you to this awesome God of miracles who has done so many miracles for me and my family in 2013, some of which I do not even know about. It has been a great privilege enjoying your grace, mercy and love in 2013. I humbly beg that this should continue in 2014. I also wish the person reading this post now the same thing.

Big thanks too for all that my blogs, and have been able to achieve so far. I look forward to greater achievements in 2014.

God bless 2014 for us all, amen !!!

The Full Time House Wife And The Working Class Wife

Image courtesy Ambro/

Image courtesy Ambro/

A discussion with a family member this morning got me thinking….

I know this very wealthy family some years back. The man was a businessman while the wife was a full time house wife. I got to know later that the man refused to allow the work neither will he set up a business for her. He simply preferred her to be a full time house wife. In fact there was a joke that went round that he did not allow her to go out and work or run a business because of advances from men since she was very pretty. All entreaties from family, friends and the wife fell on deaf ears. And so, the man called the shots in the house 100%. The woman and children depended on the man 100% for all their needs. At a point, children were sent away from school when the man could not make funds transfer for the house keeping expenses and school fees.

Sadly, the man took ill and could not make it through. After the burial, the man’s family took over every reasonable property they could lay their hands on, living the woman to struggle for survival with her six children. Her life of comfort and glamour became a pitiable story. From her mansion she had to move into a very small house with her six children, courtesy of money she was able to raise from friends and her family. Her children had to be withdrawn from the very expensive private school to a public school. She had to start a small trading business to make ends meet.  You can imagine the rest of the story…

I also heard of this working class couple – the husband was a banker and the wife, a teacher in a private school. With their total income, they were able to plan the family well and live comfortably. The woman was a very useful to her husband, who did not have to be relied upon 100% for her personal and family needs. In addition to this, they both pooled funds together to set up boutique and a fashion house, both of which were doing very well and managed part time, by the wife.

Unfortunately, a mass sack affected the husband. He was jobless for thirteen months. Throughout this period, life continued as though nothing had happened. There was nothing to show that the man had lost his job. His savings, the wife’s job and businesses kept the family going comfortably.

Bottom line : In all that we do, the unknown future should be included in our decisions, considerations and plans. No one knows what the future holds. Only God does. As humans, we only hope and pray for the best.   

Thanks for your time.

Is There A Business Organisation That Cannot Collapse?

Michael's BUSINESSplaze

Exif_JPEG_420The internet is awash with news about the sale of the handset business of Nokia to Microsoft and the continued struggle of Blackberry to stay afloat. What is however not awash on the internet is a very funny thing a friend of mine said a while ago, about a very big bank in Nigeria. He said the bank can never collapse 🙂  This was very funny to me as companies much more bigger and stronger than the bank in question, with world class CEOs, have gone with the sands of time.

I was one of those who were not surprised when the problems of Nokia and Blackberry became public. Why? Experience has shown that today’s business environment is no respecter of persons or businesses organisations. It has become so complex and fast-paced that the skills, education and experience of CEOs are becoming obsolete with the passage of time. So much…

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