Yet Another Bouquet Of Awards…SEVEN Awards !!!

As soon as I click “publish” using my laptop or phone, I always wish my posts well 🙂 I do so because all my posts are “posts with a mission” – a mission to achieve something in the life of my blog visitors who end up reading them. It usually gladdens my heart when my posts are appreciated with kind words or words which clearly show that the mission of my posts were actually accomplished.

No doubt, these wonderful visitors are the reason behind a post such as this accepting SEVEN awards, all seem to be saying : “Michael, welldone.”  I really humbled by this recognition. I am really encouraged and  inspired to freely give more of what I have freely received from God. And I promise to share more posts that will add value to the life of my posts readers.

TANUMOY, my good friend gave me a “small gift” of FIVE AWARDS nominations 🙂 ; SHAUN, another good friend of mine added one more. My pretty friend, LIDIYA added one more to make the number of awards a perfect number – incidentally my favourite number.

Sincerely, this is probably the first time I am slow in typing because of my being short of words. I am really humbled my the number of awards. Thanks a lot TANUMOY, SHAUN and LIDIYA. God bless you all real good for these beautiful gifts…..

Three awards in one - ninth award





versatile-blogger-nominationswonderful-readership-award - head

The ABC Award requires me to write a word or a phrase about myself for each of the English alphabets…..

A – Addicted to God forever

B – Blessed with the grace of God

C – Care for my family with a passion

D – Daniel and Daniella are names of my amazing gifts from God

E – Eggs happens to be one of my best foods

F – First thing I recommend to everyone in the morning is to pray

G – God is good…all the time

H – Have a splendid day. That’s my wish to you

I – ICT is one of passions

J – Jesus is Lord !!!

K – “Knowledge is power” is one of my guiding principles

L – London is one of my best cities

M – Michael is my first name

N – Nigeria is my country

O – Orange is my best colour

P – Peace of my mind means a lot to me

Q – Questioning is a part of me. It takes care of my inquisitive nature

R – R.Kelly’s song “the storm is over” is one of my best songs

S – Still schooling.

T – Today has been filled with God’s mercies for me and my family

U – “Unbreak my heart,” a song by Toni Braxton, is one of my favourite songs

V – Victor is my brother’s name

W – Williams sisters are certainly one of my best pairs in sports

X – Xerox is certainly  my best copier

Y – Yellow used to be my best colour before i changed to orange.

Z – Zebras are certainly not one of my favourite animals

















CONGRATULATIONS dear friends 🙂