As 2013 Slowly Fades Away…

d-best-is-yet-to-com.jpgCount down to the end of 2013…..It might not be as rosy as I would have loved it to be, but I refuse to be an INGRATE. I refuse to close my eyes and heart to ALL that the King of Kings has done for me and my family, especially my lovely kids. Tanks a lot Daddy.I am eternally grateful and will forever be. As you live, we cross over to a BLISSFUL 2014 in Jesus name, AMEN !!!

How Time Flies…

Its July !!! How time flies…. I still remember very freshly, greeting my pals “happy new year.” It’s just like yesterday. But the reality is that six irrecoverable months have passed us by.

In six months, a lot has happened – the good, the bad and the ugly – in homes, hospitals, cities and globally. For me and my family, God has been very caring, merciful and magnanimous. Why? Who am I to question His actions? But I remain eternally grateful. Thanks a lot daddy 🙂

No doubt, I still have pending requests before Him. But I refuse to be an ingrate over all He has done so far. However, I have plenty of hope that I have countless testimonies to share with you before the year runs out. This is not based on “positive thinking,” as some people will chose to call it, but based on the conviction that my awesome God will forever remain GOD !!! As you know, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating.” So, if you are watching this “pudding” from a distance, come close and have some…there is more than enough to go round – it’s free, reliable and not like the one served by man 🙂

Glory be to God for all His mercy, grace, protection, favour, provision, forgiveness of sins and magnanimity over me and my family….and over you too 🙂

Happy second half of 2013 pals 🙂

Farewell 2012….Welcome 2013

And finally the last tick of the seconds timer on our clocks finally brought to an end the year 2012; and the next tick ushered in the much awaited moment – shouts of “happy new year!!!”

tank-God.jpgBy the amazing grace and mercies of God Almighty, the giver and taker of life, me and my family, you and millions of other fortunate people across the globe were amongst those who were blessed to cross over into 2013. This is really an awesome act of God.

For me, 2012 was a mixture of the good, the bad and the urgly. I guess the worst thing that happened to me was the passing away of my sister on the 8th of May, during delivery. However, some measure of good feelings came when my younger brother became a father on the 1st of July. God further comforted us with the birth of my daughter ten days later, and the birth of my niece on the 20th of October. You can say it was a year of babies. Halleluyah !

Aside from this, God showed his presence in several other family matters for which I am very grateful for. His awesome grace, mercies, protection, direction, provision, peace, good health, and fatherly love, were our portion throughout the year. He also fought our battles and brought shame to the devil. Halleluyah ! Indeed we are very grateful.
I specially thank God for my kids, who enjoyed His fatherly love during the year. Even in their “childishness,” God was with them.

I cannot forget His grace, favour and mercies at work and his hands in my wife’s business.

One blog post can never be enough for me to tell the world how grateful I am, but it suffice it to say that I am very grateful to God for being a priviledged beneficiary of His awesome magnanimity in 2012 and look forward to a very wonderful 2013 – My year of Divine Recovery Of Loses.

Thank you for reading my testimony and may your 2013 be filled with testimonies.

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