Is There A Business Organisation That Cannot Collapse?

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Exif_JPEG_420The internet is awash with news about the sale of the handset business of Nokia to Microsoft and the continued struggle of Blackberry to stay afloat. What is however not awash on the internet is a very funny thing a friend of mine said a while ago, about a very big bank in Nigeria. He said the bank can never collapse 🙂  This was very funny to me as companies much more bigger and stronger than the bank in question, with world class CEOs, have gone with the sands of time.

I was one of those who were not surprised when the problems of Nokia and Blackberry became public. Why? Experience has shown that today’s business environment is no respecter of persons or businesses organisations. It has become so complex and fast-paced that the skills, education and experience of CEOs are becoming obsolete with the passage of time. So much…

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What Is The Cheapest Means Of Advertising?

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anthony.jpgLast week a friend complained to me about her generator and how the technician who had been handling its maintenance had been cheating her. I wasted no time in recommending the technician who had been maintaining my generator for years. I told her of two reasons why he is extremely recommendable and seemingly, my only choice.

Firstly, the guy is extremelysincere. He would never tell you lies about faults detected or give you outrageous prices of the spare parts that he needs to replace. Hence, I hardly beat down his service charge. Secondly, he was extremely good at his job. He hardly gambles. So, it boiled down to the fact that he was my choice because of his rare PERSONALITY. Rare, because greed and make-belief have taken over the world of business. What are common are people who are so eager to make ungodly money at the…

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The Place Of STAFF MOTIVATION In Business

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

My first major stint at managing people was at the “tender” age of 26. This was the first major job I got after my national service. Interestingly, all the major staffers were older than I was. By my position, I was next to the CEO. In all, we were about thirty or thereabout. The driver assigned to my office as the Manager, Admin/Accounts, was old enough to be my granddad. So, I had a dilemma – how do I make these people work, because they were practically not ready to be ordered around by a “small boy!” This, they used both words and action to tell me. How do I conquer my age “disadvantage” and prove to my boss that the Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship I won back in school for emerging tops in my department (Business Administration and management), and for which my boss was so impressed about, was not a fluke. One thing was certain – I was faced with a practical business management challenge, common with many managers – and that was motivating my subordinates to work, against all odds!

Staff motivation is one of the major functions of a manager. It could be very challenging and dangerous for a business where a manager(s) does not know what motivation means; or does not know the difference between ‘force” and motivation; or at what point a worker needs to be motivated; or what approach to adopt to suite each worker.

In my characteristic manner, I will make it as simple as possible. Simply put, motivation is the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something desired. In business sense, it involves doing things that will make a worker to work. It involves making a worker do what you want him to do, even when it is against his wish. It involves making a disgruntled worker to work.

The question is – what makes workers to work? There is no generally acceptable answer to this question as what motivates a worker might not motivate another. Douglass McGregorAbraham Maslow, Elton Mayo, Fredrick TaylorFrederick Herzsberg and other experts in the field of human capital management, carried out studies, years back, into this very crucial function of a manager – all attempting to find out what really motivates a worker and what does not. I will not bore you with the details. I have however provided links for further reading. But it suffices to say that their work ended up with varied results, thus showing that staff motivation is indeed a complex function of a manager.

As a Business Management student I carried out a number of research work on motivation as part of my course. My finding was that the best approach to motivation was what I call the Michael Monday’s DISCOVERY APPROACH TO MOTIVATION. This was the magic wand I used (and still use) and it really worked (and has been working) for me. It involves finding out what really makes a worker to work. Is it money? Promotion? Giving a staff responsibility? Conducive working environment? Welfare packages? Care and concern? Praises? Showing respect to subordinates? Or the use of force/threats? The list continues….The use of force/threats have been found to be the most counterproductive. It has been found to breed unhappy, unfriendly, aggressive, criminally-minded and eye-service workers, who only work when they see you.

You might ask: what happens where the number of workers is enormous? Simple!  Make use of other managers down the line. This is where regular meetings become handy. That is what I did. It is usually counterproductive to assume that a method that worked on one staff or in another organisation will work for a particular staff or your organisation. Time is also of the essence in motivation. This is the main reason why some motivational efforts have failed!  Eventually, the worker[s] is fired for his/her poor attitude to work! The fact is that the in-coming staff will come with his/her own traits, different from the erstwhile staff. Where the same mistake/assumption is made, the cycle repeats itself. In this process, a number of organisations have lost key staffers who were simply not properly motivated to work.

An indisputable fact is that a manager’s success or failure is mainly judged by what he is able to achieve…usually through his subordinates. If you agree, then it means that motivation is a very vital function of a manager or business owner.

So, are you a manager or an entrepreneur with people working under you? Do you know that EVERY successful business today, has well motivated staffers as one of its secrets? Do you know what motivates your workers to excel at work? Can you say you have been motivating them properly? 

Wishing you loads of best wishes in your business management.

Thanks for your time.

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Staying Afloat In A Competitive Business Environment

Our streets, roads, the print and electronic media are awash with different offers from manufacturers and service providers. The one I enjoy so much is the one between the phone manufacturers. The competition is so hot that Apple and Samsung had to extend their “fight” to the court room 🙂  I also read online that one major phone manufacturer, and a one-time major player in the phone business, has been having some “survival” meetings with some organisations. How sad! But that is the nature of business. It’s like a game – no pity for the opponent and all the players cannot be winners.

As a consumer, I love competition for so many reasons. It affords us the privilege of having alternatives to choose from; it forces businesses (serious-minded businesses, if I may add) to see consumers as being the most important factor to consider and hence, be the focal point in business decision making process; it makes pricing to be at consumers’ advantage; it forces businesses to constantly seek for their loyalty; and it forces businesses that are not quality-conscious, to have a rethink……The benefits continues……

No doubt, as consumers are enjoying these benefits, businesses grapple everyday with the art of “out-smarting” one another in a game, an interesting one at that, that involves winning as many customers as they can, over to their side. Sadly, the inability to cope with competition is a major reason why so many businesses all over the world are finding it very tough to operate, and in extreme cases, many have “crawled” out of existence!

Competition has been the bane for so many businesses that have either not mastered the tricks of the game; cannot withstand it or have simply believed that businesses can survive on luck, mediocrity or chance for so long.

I got the urge to do this post after my wife started complaining that the number of businesses competing with her was rising every day. The fact is that the only way to avoid competition is to “close shops.”  Aside from legal monopolies (organisations given the legal power to be the sole producer or seller of a product/service), every business attracts other businesses in the same line of trade. Even where turnover/profit is not encouraging, or where a business enterprise is creative and launches an entirely new product or service, other people/businesses would still join the market and create competition.

So, since competition is inevitable, and the foundation of competition is “winner takes all,” what will a business do?  Apply for a legal monopoly status? 🙂 Well, I am not aware of any country where that is done. Cut corners? That too, is not a good business option as it is a short-lived solution that can even boomerang. So, what’s my take on competition?

Below are six [to avoid putting up a very lengthy post] of the tips I shared with my wife…..

1. See business like a boxing match. In a boxing match, boxers fix their eyes on each other to counter every move of the opponent. In doing this, they have to be alert and conscious of their environment – a case of complete alertness. Thus, businesses have to constantly be at alert – conscious of, and pre-emptive of competitors’ actions and inactions. I feel this among phone manufacturers this days. To me, competition among phone manufacturers is  good case study for my post.

2. Do something extra.something special.  Make your product or service very outstanding. Relate with your customers in a way your competitors are not known for. Give them a very competitive price, without lowering standards. Use marketing campaigns and strategies that your competitors have not explored or have not even thought of. Give your customers reasons to stick to you and give your competitors‘ customers reasons to cross over to you.

3. If making huge profits was your major focus, think of this : while you are busy chasing money, your competitors are busy strategizing on increasing customer base, including, of course, winning the hearts of your own customers over. So, my take on this is: re-strategise by making customer-focused strategies to be your main focus.

4. Where you do not see your customers for a while, do not wait for them. Reach out to them. In this age of high tech communication, distance or large number of customers is not an acceptable and reasonable excuse.  By just by clicking “enter” or “send” on your computer or mobile device, you can reach millions of customers. A simple message that reads : “Hi valued customer. I/we just want to wish you a splendid weekend” can go a very long way in reawakening a dwindled customer loyalty.

5. Every consumer loves convenience. Think of ways you can create convenience for your customers. There are many ways that this can be done. This however depends on the nature of your product. You can carve out time for home service, break bulk, arrange for delivery of the goods to the door-step of the consumers, ease usage, among others. All of these are aimed at satisfying different groups of consumers rather than seeing the entire market as being the same.

6. There is no doubt that the human resource “drive” an organisation towards growth, stagnation, decline or eventual collapse. It becomes MANDATORY therefore for businesses to engage and maintain(through motivation and excellent welfare and staff development packages) goal getters and workers who understand what business growth and success is all about. Thus, merit and not nepotism or sentiments should be a business’ over-riding criteria in employment.

Of special mention here, is the caliber of the CEOs and top management personnel who take far-reaching decisions affecting the entire business. This days, wrong choices of who pilots the affairs of a business would be a costly mistake as it could place a business on the path of failure, stagnation, inability to stand competition, and then collapse.

I hope you found my tips useful.  I would like to read your reactions 🙂

Thanks a lot for your time and wishing you loads of luck in your business 🙂

Aesthetics In Business

An ambiance of beauty

An ambiance of beauty

Everybody loves beautiful things. Everybody cherishes a beautiful environment coupled with beautiful, clean and well-laid-out furniture, fittings and equipment. I do and I know you do too.

Aesthetics (appreciation of beauty or good taste) is a crucial part of business. It speaks a lot about the “state of mind” of the business, the owners and the workers. It shows the businesses’ perception of taste, quality, health issues, attention to details, workers’ welfare and its attitude towards business success and competition.

Right from the lobby or reception of a business, you can tell what you are “likely” to meet inside. You are given a quick impression of the quality of goods and services you are about to exchange with your money.

Note that I used the word “likely” since you can still find very “beautiful” businesses that have nothing on ground that would make their customers want to come back.

Thus, the state of every physical structure a business uses sends a message across to its stakeholders, especially the customers. The colours, furniture, office equipment, stationery, documents like receipts, fliers, and every movable object, contributes to the beauty and ambiance of a business. No doubt, they add up to to form the assets which are capable of winning the hearts of customers over.

Where the business combines aesthetics and quality products, such a business is definitely every consumers’ preference.

Interestingly, while some businesses have very good taste and business sense, some businesses simply do not care. All they care about is making money, forgetting that businesses that displays an I-don’t-care-attitude towards their environment, with furniture, equipment and other business properties, in very bad state, send bad signals to their customers – two of which being that it has no concern for quality and has a strong non-challant attitude towards customer satisfaction and business/life generally. Such businesses end up attracting people of like minds. No theory is needed to prove this. It’s just common reasoning.

Interestingly, to have an ambiance of beauty does not cost a fortune. It’s a matter of having the right attitude. Having a very clean business place and environment goes a very long way.

So, do you own a business? What lasting impressions does your business have on customers and visitors? What kind of ambiance does your business portray?

Thanks for your time 🙂

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“I must be rich, no matter the means !!!”

MoneyIf you have crawled through all the corners of my blog, you are bound to say “here he goes again.” That is because I am about to talk about my wonderful late parents again 🙂

I learnt a lot from my late parents. One of the greatest things they FORCED into our brains was that “peace of mind was a priceless jewel which very many rich people did not have.” So, we must do everything possible to ensure that we (his children) did not allow anything to take it away from us. As good role models, they led by example. My dad once told us that he had opportunities to steal from his employers and become rich, but he chose his peace of mind and fear of God. Luckily for him, my mum was equally on the same page. Perhaps, just perhaps, if she was not, she would have convinced my dad to “hit the fast lane of life” and bring wealth to the family, with total disregard for the consequences.

Today, to many people globally, the short story i just told you would have been likened to one of those gospel videos where you are taught the virtues of patience, hard work, fear of God and imbibing the commandment of God that says “thou shall not covet….” To such people, it’s outright rubbish and foolishness to run away from money, no matter what the circumstance or consequences, which may include, imprisonment, loss of job, public disgrace and even death !!! The trend today is “I must be rich, no matter the means !!!”

With this mentality, globally, there is a complete disregard for proper reasoning. The craze for money is monumental. People are willing and ready to take the risk and do ANYTHING, and I mean anything to get rich, including to KILL !!! Ritual killers are everywhere seeking for who they use for money rituals, robbers are ready to take the life of their victims who are not willing to cooperate or do not have anything to offer. What about cyber-crime ?  The sophistication is increasing every day. A number of people and organisations have lost so much to cyber-criminals. Offices, public institutions and even churches are not spared – all in the name of “I must be rich, no matter the means !!!”

The level of desperation is suffocating. Age or gender is no barrier. The younger ones are even smarter. Conscience, peace of mind and fear of God makes no sense here. What makes sense is to live large even if it means ruining someone’s life time investment; even if it means putting people into sorrow or even if it means sending someone or people to their untimely graves.

Things are really in a bad shape. The spreading slogan seems to be “Get rich or die tryin.” But it can be checked….to some extent.  I am a strong advocate of “a child is a reflection of his/her family and immediate community.” Let’s start from there. It’s a huge task. But I am also a very strong advocate of “keep on trying and keep hope alive.” One individual withdrawn from that “fast lane of life” will go a very long way. Don’t you think so?

There are decent and respectable means of making money these days….I mean good money. It involves having the right kind of friends who will bring productive and society-friendly ideas. It involves searching for information about opportunities. It involves someone showing concern and care for his fellow human beings. It involves someone showing concern for the society and the masses. It involves having the fear of God. It also requires a strong resolve to work hard spiced up with determination and prayers. The government, business organisations and you and I…yes I mean you…..have different roles to play. It is advisory we act now. Why? Because what goes around, comes around.

Food for thought :  “Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant. But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell.” (Prov 9:17)

Thanks for your time and God bless us all.

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Fame And Fortune Without Wisdom….

MJ, famous and still makes money, even in death

MJ, famous and still makes money, even in death

How long does Fame and fortune last ? Is it possible to tell in each individual’s case?

How would it be if a very rich guy or lady later becomes someone who is looked upon with pity, simply because he/she now finds it so hard to eat a good meal at home or in a choice restaurant, cannot give the family a good life any more, goes around town in cabs, wears poor quality clothes and generally lives a kind of live that is not known with those with fame and fortune? I guess for such people, it is better imagined than excperienced. But sadly, that is the story of so many of our one-time celebrities all over the world.

One thing I noticed about fame and fortune, and unarguably too, is that it is impossible for anyone to accurately predict how long they will keep the lucky guy/lady “company.”

I know many celebs today who are now part of history – fortune gone, fame gone. One bad thing about fame is that it usually sings “I belief I can fly” as soon as the fortune is gone. Such celebs are now simply like any other guy/lady in the society – unnoticed, no autographs, no attention, no special treatment and what have you.

Let’s take a peep at how the likely good old days were spent by such celebs – fleet of very expensive cars, partying, clubbing, squandering and wasteful spending, drugs, womanising and such other unproductive “investments.” They carried themselves like small gods and never honoured God for all His blessings. They refused to help anyone to grow and would rather spend unlimited amounts of cash for their friends at clubs. Giving to the society that gave them so much fame and fortune was not a priority on their list. Some never had such things on their list. Having productive investments to secure their future did not occur to them. To them, life must be enjoyed today and tomorrow will take care of itself. Does that make sense? Sadly, today, many are singing one of my favourites by R.Kelly : “if I can turn back the hands of time.” Sadly again, it is not possible !!!

They miss the glamour, attention, expensive life style, power and everything that goes with having too much money and being famous. It’s most likely that someone told them in the past to be wise, but they shunned the advice….

So, while it is still possible, let fame and fortune be handled with wisdom, because no one knows (I stand to be corrected) how soon or how long both will go with the sands of time…..just like countless others that you and I know about.

A word is enough for the wise !!!

Thanks for your time.

Make Or Mar Ability Of business Locations : Looking Beyond The Consumers

Lagos, Nigeria

A beautiful environment with basic infrastructure is good for business (Lagos, Nigeria)

In my last post on business locations, I only focused on customer considerations in deciding on where to locate a business. Even as crucial as the consumer factor is, there are quite a number of other factors to put into consideration. It thus follows that even where an area is considered as a consumer hot spot, other equally important factors might make the choice of that particular location, a big error.

One very other very important factor to consider is the availability basic infrastructure such as power, roads, communication, transportation, water and much more. I do not see a business doing very well in a location where power supply is non-existent or very unreliable. Power supply, whether hydro, gas or solar, is like blood to a business. Its absence causes a lot of problems to businesses since most business equipment need power to function. You can imagine what businesses that actually need power to render their services or sell their products, would do where there is no public power supply, or where it is unreliable.  They would definitely need to generate their own power, usually at a higher cost. This would eventually have multiple chain consequences on the business – meeting up with other business expenses might be hampered, especially salaries, asking for a raise might be an “abomination,” re-stocking might be affected which can lead to stock-outs, stock-outs deals a bad blow on sales, low sales means low profits; dwindling profits, if it persists, leads to stagnation and eventually, collapse, in severe cases. A number of businesses have packed up because of this singular factor – power!!!

Good roads and transportation are essential to business (Lagos, Nigeria)

Good roads and transportation are essential to business (Lagos, Nigeria)

The state of transportation and roads and their networking, play very vital roles in the life of businesses. Businesses that are into manufacturing and buying and selling cannot but give serious thoughts about it. This is obviously because of their frequent movement of goods, in and out of the business premises. No doubt, roads also have impact on the life span of motor vehicles and their maintenance cost. Again, these also have chain consequences on the business.

The way businesses are being run today, communication is almost as important as money in business. Technology has changed the way communication is being carried out. The level of development is not the same everywhere. In some areas, communication services, in particular, the internet is far from being developed or reliable. This kind of situation will not speed up business growth. This kind of situation would also prevent the business from meeting up with global trends.

Security is another crucial issue. Insecurity is a very is a big enemy to anybody, let alone a businesses that needs people to come around for deals to be struck. Insecurity restricts movement, creates a general feeling of fear and anxiety; and in extreme cases, reduces the number of current and potential customers through deaths, particularly in areas experiencing wars and terrorist attacks.

Another vital factor to consider is the cost of labour. Labour costs seems to take a huge chunk of running expenses. A smart way out of this is to consider areas where labour cost is cheaper. Apart from having access to more eligible workers, running cost is greatly checked.

Government policies also affect businesses. Ignoring them might make the business to be at the mercies of the government later. Policies on taxes and fees, what is legal and what are not, personnel issues, business records, business hours and much more, have effects on business. Experience has shown that the “friendliness “of these policies defers from place to place. So, if you want to start up a business or you want to relocate, you might want to find out which location would have greater friendly government policies.

A business whose daily turnover is usually on a very high side would have to be security-conscious. One smart way of doing this is to look for a location that is close to banking facilities. This enables frequent movement of cash away from the office to the banks, which is considered safer.

In addition to these, businesses that see their employees as key to the success of the businesses, would be see it very necessary to consider easy access to health facilities when making location decisions. Employees give in their best when they have a feeling of care and concern coming from their employees.

Another important factor to consider is the cleanliness of the chosen location. A dirty location poses health hazards to everyone that has something to do with the business. If the business is into food processing, a clean environment would be their best best. A dirty environment therefore keeps people away. Such businesses also run the risk of constantly having problems with government health officials.

Finally, it might also be very important to consider competitors in making location decisions. The world of business, as we have it today, is a very competitive one. Some businesses merely exist. Some have intimidating profiles and stature. Some will attract customers which eventually strike deals with rival businesses. Some are serious threats to competing businesses that make the mistake of coming so close to locate their businesses next to it. A serious appraisal must be made of these realities.

In all, together with the first part of this post, it is obvious that businesses that are very successful today have actually done their homework very well.

I sure hope this post was worth your time.

Thanks for your time.

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Make Or Mar Ability Of Business Locations : The Consumer Factor

A serene residential area

A serene residential area

The world of business is one with many rules. Those who know how to play by the rules or know how to manipulate the rules are those who are doing very well – making so much money and building very strong brands for themselves.

I have already addressed some of these rules in my post on customer loyalty, issues of stagnation and collapse, decision making, business start-up and others, under “Business and Economy” category. However, in this post, I have decided to address one of such “rules” I used to add weight to my earlier posts, as a two-part stand-alone post. The simple “rule” is that: consumers MUST be given serious consideration in business location decisions as a condition for business success !!!

I have withnessed many businesses actually groan over poor sales/patronage, apparently, for failing to consider the “power of the consumers” in business success. One big mistake therefore, is to ignore them in business location decisions. Those business simply did not ask themselves some crucial questions : how close are we to our target market? Are we where our customers are? Can our tarket market easily find us here? Does our target market know how to find us? Is our business located where our products are needed? Did we do a customer-based analysis of the location we chose?

The are no general rules guiding business location decisions. What is simply required is a product-customer and business-customer analysis, where the key factors considered are the product, the busines and their target market, before a decision is finally taken as to where the business would be located. Where these analyses are not done, the business is most likely to experience very low sales or stagnated sales. This is because the target market, which is the source of the sales were simply played down at the point of deciding where the business would be located.

So what happens where a business is “badly” located? Two of the businesses that inspired me to do this post have already relocated. One is a very low standard laundry business located in a high-brow serene residential area. The other is a recording house within the same area. Two, who are yet to move, are really complaining of very poor sales. One is a drug store and the other an electrical appliance store – all in a serene residential area where you see an average of one person per hour walking or driving by on the street.

business area

A typical commercial area

Apart from relocating, a business experiencing low turnover as a result of location problems can invest in promotional activities – advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations. The fact that customers MUST be reached out to is a non-negotiable and COMPULSORY aspect of business. Everything has to be done to attract customers !!! No business opens shop to display its exquisite interior and well dressed staff. Businesses depend on customers to survive. So, going the extra mile to reach them is not a display of business acumen, but a “mission to safe a boat from sinking!” This becomes even more challenging and necessary where the business is “badly” located.

So, are you planning on starting a business, avoid “crying over spilled milk.”

Thanks for your time.

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Can Advertisements Ever Be Totally Free From “LIES”?

A trusted brand

One of my favourite lectures is the one I have delivered countless times on “advertising.” I love the topic a lot because, apart from being very interesting, my audience have always shown excitement and interest in the topic as examples of adverts are found everywhere, including the venues of the lectures.

No doubt, adverts are indispensable tools in the success of a business. It is one tiny part of marketing which a number of businesses have invested millions and billions with the hope of recouping back amounts spent from the huge sales that is expected to arise from the adverts.

Hence, I am a strong advocate of “treat advertisement costs as investments costs” rather than as “running costs.” If you look at it critically, you will agree that advertisements are actually investments which, may, or may not yield expected returns.

Advertisement creates awareness, puts competitors in check, teaches consumers how to use the products, tells consumers where to get the products, persuades consumers to buy products, sometimes against their wishes, and hopefully, leads to improved sales and profits.

However, as good as adverts are, there is one thing I do not like about some of them – and that is the lies and deception that comes with most, if not all adverts. Well, you might want to call it “make-belief” efforts to sell a product, cos that’s actually what they are. The part of these “movies” that can be very frustrating is when an organisation tells you things (so many) that they cannot do; things that are not deliverable; things that their products are not synonymous with; promises that are far beyond their abilities; promises which greatly surpasses their capacity and current status….

This post is coming because of the frustrating experience I have been having with a particular mobile service provider (name withheld) here in Nigeria for the past four days. I actually have three lines. If each of them had kept their advert promises I would not be having three lines in the first place.

This particular service provider made me go for them through their very persuasive adverts, which have now lived up to the best way to describe adverts – “make-belief movies.” I hardly make calls with this line as calls hardly go through. And when they do, most often than not, a dropped calls’ tone is what I hear. This happens most of the time.

As at the time of putting this post together, I have not been able to get help from their ever-unreliable, and hard-to-get-through toll-free customer care center. For four days my ear drums has been subjected (annoyingly) to all sorts of “make-belief movies” … oh! I meant adverts – just to resolve a recharge card issue.

This company is not alone in this game of unkept promises. We hear, see and read about them everyday – sugar-coated appeals – most of them ending up as LIES and over-bloated promises.

So I ask : can all advertisements ever be free from deliberate lies and over-bloated promises ? Is it not possible for businesses to tell us what is feasible within their abilities and stop living in another businesses’s dreams? Would it not be better for businesses to review their adverts to reflect their current status, rather than tell us they are capable of doing what was stíll on their drawing board (or never was)?….

Well, while you ponder over my questions and annoyance, I am still considering throwing away the SIM card of this very annoying mobile service provider. Tank God for alternatives.

However, thumbs up for companies that have consistently made statements in their adverts which they have really worked hard to see those statements and claims come to reality. Some of the products of such companies are regular features in my home. Even my son (4+) appreciates good quality.

So, businesses should realise that they cannot take their customers on a false ride for too long.

Thanks for your time.

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