Pride Stinks !

Image courtesy imagerymajestic/

Image courtesy imagerymajestic/

She’s 37, single, makes good money and can arguably, beat any lady for a Miss World pageant. Her beauty glows such that the most disciplined man would turn his neck just to catch a glimpse of this symbol of beauty. In terms of looks, she has it all – height, complexion, eyes, right curves and other natural endowments that makes a lady “tasty!”

Her spoken English is excellent. Her accent is melodious. She’s every man’s dream girl. Note my choice of words: I said “dream” girl. That is because it is only in my dream that she can be in my choice. In the real world, I can never desire her in my heart. That’s surprising isn’t it? Yeah I know.

Why? Wait for it…she’s the most arrogant and proud lady I have ever come in contact with !!! Her pride stinks ! Despite her wonderful endowment, its been very hard for her to have a lasting relationship. Its a case of come-see-and-run! She has no regards or respect for anyone, irrespective of the person’s age. Once, she “washed” an old man down with very derogatory remarks. She hardly greets first. She expects you to greet her first. Even when you do, she feels reluctant to answer. She looks down on people especially ladies who are not as “pretty” as she is. She is so rude that even her parents constantly fall victim of her “serious problem.”

She talks and moves like the President of the world. She said she can never apologise to a man. Wait for this…she said she cannot imagine herself sweating in the kitchen to cook for a man or wash his clothes.

Now you see why I can never desire her even in my dream. Marrying her is like marrying high blood pressure ! How long will I survive the marriage ?

I am not alone on this. God hates pride. 1 Sam 2:3  says “Do not keep talking so proudly or let your mouth speak such arrogance, for the LORD is a God who knows, and by him deeds are weighed.”

In 2 Chron 32: 25-26 the Bible says: “But Hezekiah’s heart was proud and he did not respond to the kindness shown him; therefore the LORD’s wrath was on him and on Judah and Jerusalem. Then Hezekiah repented of the pride of his heart, as did the people of Jerusalem; therefore the LORD’s wrath did not come on them during the days of Hezekiah.”

There are many places in the Bible where pride is outrightly condemned and punishment meted out to the proud in some cases.

Well, different strokes for different folks. Some guys will die or do anything to have this kind of lady. Such ladies are every where. Perhaps you know one (or more). I wish them lucks. For me, pride stinks….real bad !

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