Childlessness : Marriage Turned Soar

It is the dream of every man and woman to, someday, gather people to witness the solemnization of their relationships. It is a day every bachelor or spinster looks forward to. Friends and family members rejoice with the newly wed and look forward to celebrating with them nine months (all things being equal) from the day of the wedding.

And then the countdown starts. Sadly, for some couples, this count down never starts. And then anxiety and frustration sets in. Usually the parents of the husband, especially the mother, become apprehensive. In some cases, the man looks outside for a child. In extreme cases, the man files for a divorce, of course after confirming that the problem is not from him. In all of these, the woman suffers more. In today’s world where women reach menopause as early as their early thirties, one can understand the extent of trauma they go through. Childlessness is therefore one single home destroyer and source of pain and anguish to so many couples globally.

Image courtesy bigjom/

Image courtesy bigjom/

I really feel for them and hence decided to contribute my quota towards bringing overwhelming joy to some of the traumatised marriages and to also help to prevent more cases of childlessness.

However since I am not a medical doctor, and may thus not be able to do a very professional analysis, I am only dwelling on some man-made causes of childlessness. Some of them are actually true life experiences. 

They are as follows :-

*Sexually transmitted diseases – This is one of the most common causes of infertility in both men and women. I know of a lady who confessed to her friend that a test she carried out confirmed that the STD she got from her boyfriend had permanently destroyed her womb. This was in 2004. Till date she has not been able to conceive. Multiple sex partners is a major source of STDs.

*Abortion – Abortion is another major case of childlessness in many women. A lady once confessed to having had her womb damaged while undergoing abortion, which apparently was not the first time.

*Alcohol – This seriously affects sperm counts in men and increases the chances of birth defects in women. A very high level of alcohol in the woman’s blood can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This is growth, mental, and physical problems that occurs in a baby when a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy. Alcohol intake can also cause miscarriage or stillbirth, premature delivery, abnormal heart structure, behavior problems, mental retardation, poor growth and infant death.

*weight issues – excessive and careless eating habits leading to overweight can also affect the ability of a woman to get pregnant. Poor eating habits leading to underweight have also been found out to have negative consequences on pregnancy.

* Smoking – this has been discovered to have the effect of lowering the sperm count in men, and increases the chances of miscarriages, and premature births in women.

*Drugs – drugs like marijuana and anabolic steroids can affect sperm counts in men. Also, cocaine use in pregnant women can cause severe retardations and kidney problems in babies.   

*Exposure to toxins or chemicals in the work place or surrounding can cause mutations, birth defects, spontaneous abortion, disorders of infertility. Lead, radiation, ethylene oxide are some chemicals that can affect conception in women.

*wearing tight clothes – in order for the testes to produce sufficient quality and quantity of sperm, the temperature of the testes must be lower than the core body temperature. That is why the testes are located outside the body. Testes were made to receive enough air. Thus wearing of tight clothes like boxers and briefs are obviously not the best as they can cause over heat resulting in low sperm count for the man. Studies have shown that low sperm count is the greatest cause of infertility in men.

It follows therefore that some of the many cases of childlessness in marriages are actually the aftermath of some habits and indulgence by both the man and the woman before marriage or during marriage.

So be careful how you have fun, eat, relax, dress, release frustration and generally live your life, as your lifestyle, if not checked, might have negative effect on your future happiness.

Wishing you happy parenting (or happy parenting in advance, as the case be).

Thank you for your time.