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info2Hii. 🙂 Thanks for your support and encouragement, expressed by your visits, likes, comments and follows.

However, in view of the fact that I am still getting blog and email followers after my last post, where I announced my movement to a self-hosted WordPress blog @, I decided to do this post.

In this regards, I want to really thank you for the follow and visit[s] and would like to inform you [again] that I now blog at That means that you won’t get new posts here. So, I am passionately begging you for your continued support by way of your very encouraging followership, visits, likes and comments at my new blog.

If you liked this blog, you will certainly like much more as it contains more of whatever made you like this blog 🙂

Once more, thanks a lot for your encouragement.

God bless you 🙂

Have You Seen My Latest Posts?

info2Hi. Its been a while. How are you doing? I have really missed But I have a lot on my mind which does not accommodate. So, I had to migrate to If you liked what I did here, then check me out @

I still do the evergreen, informative, educating, inspirational, business and family stuff and much more. even promises to be even more juicier. Thanks a lot for allowing me to impact positively on your life, family, business and your society. I hope to do more, if you allow me 🙂

I look forward to having you around.