Giving Back To Your Givers

In a world winners seem to be taking it all, I ran into this post which I strongly believe will inspire someone to give…

Evans on Marketing

With the holiday shopping season coming to a close, here’s a very inspirational story that highlights the spiritof “giving back.” We ALL need to think about how we can give back, too!!

Life Out of the Box is a company started by two young American entrepreneurs. The firm is best described by this information fromits Web site:

“We hope to inspire you as you follow us, but if nothing else we hope to just entertain you and give you a unique perspective into the life of two 25 year-olds discovering the world while making a better life for those around them.”

“We left the United States in May 2012 and moved to Nicaragua to create a business that gives back to the community. Since we moved here, we’ve been traveling all over the country to find various handmade products by the people of Nicaragua and…

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