Flash Back Series 2 : More Tips For The Parents…

Rc graduatn (1)“Flash back” is a recall of my past publications. It is dedicated to my new friends on WordPress who had missed out on them; and of course, to all my long-standing friends who have also missed out on them or would love to read these posts again. To date, I have 127 posts. This is quite a handful to sift through 🙂

In series 1, I brought you five posts dedicated to the patents. Today, I bring you another set of five posts, still dedicated to the parents. If you missed out on Series 1, please click here, to navigate to the posts.

Please find below another set of five posts (please check my “Mummy and Daddies” category for many other parenting-related posts) dedicated to all the wonderful caretakers of God’s children 🙂  Just click on the post of your choice below and have a rewarding reading…

1. Divorce : The Fate Of Children

2. Your career and your family…which one comes first?

3. Let’s Talk About Sex !!!

4. Impact Of Parental And Peer Influence On Career Decisions

5.  Papa Was Not A Rolling Stone

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Flash Back Series 1: Tips For Parents

IMG00690-20130407-1007.jpgLooking through my “Pending” folder on my phone, I discovered that I had seventeen topics waiting to be served to my blog friends like you 🙂

However, none of these was as appealing to me as a long-standing urge to start a “flashback” of my already-published posts, for the benefit of my new friends who have not had the time to browse through all my 127 posts done till date; as well as my long-standing friends who would love to read these posts again.

So, dear friend, I serve you my oldies, though fresh as new…a collection of divinely-inspired thoughts, views and info. This will however run intermittently with soon-to-be-released new posts – all aimed at bringing you hope, comfort, happiness, education and a smile too 🙂

For starters, this set of five posts is a dedication to the holiday season and hence a special sharing with parents and our holidaying children. I hope you would find my humble thoughts, views and info very useful. Please just click and read…

1. The arduous task of parenting in the 21st century

2. What are we teaching our children?

3. Train up your child in the way that he should go…

4. Building a strong relationship with your child

5. Parent-child relationship gone awry

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Open Letter To The Children Of The World

Happy Children's Day To You All

Happy Children’s Day To You All

Hello dear children,

Warm greetings to you all.

From the depth of my heart, I want to rejoice with you for seeing yet another Children’s Day. You will appreciate the fact that not all the children who celebrated the last one are alive to celebrate this one. You are just privileged beneficiaries of the amazing grace of God. If you have not thanked God today, please stop reading this post, and quickly thank God for His mercies over you.

For those lovely babies who are celebrating their first Children’s Day, I say congratulations to you too, and may the mercies of God give you more Children’s Day.

As you eat, drink and have fun today, please ponder over these ten thoughts of mine….

1. Put God first in all that you do. He will always direct you and bless your undertakings.

2. Discover your talents and pursue it prayerfully.

3. A good talent and a good education will make you stand out.

4. Listen to and live by the words of wisdom of your parents.

5. Beware of friends or peer groups that are likely to bring you regrets or destroy your life.

6. If you are a girl, live a life of dignity and carry yourself in a respectable manner. Command respect from the boys.

7. Be trendy, fashionable and modern, but be decent in your dressing. You will be addressed the way you dress.

8. Imbibe good traits like humilty, hardwork, integrity, truthfullness, honesty, respect for people, sincerity, and fear of God.

9. Follow the developments in today’s technology with wisdom and caution.

10. Visit my site my regularly. You will never regret you did 🙂

I wish you the very best in life and God’s love. I look forward to celebrating with you again next year, by the grace of God.

Happy Children’s Day.

Your friend from afar,

Mothers’ Day Reflections…

IMG00690-20130407-1007.jpgIt was yet another Mothers’ Day on Sunday, 12th May, 2013. To this end, I salute every mother of the world. However, constraints made it impossible for me to contribute to the global discuss that usually comes with this ever-important day. The good news is that my contribution is better late than never.

I have written quite a few posts in the past related to these wonderful creations of God. To celebrate our awesome mothers, I share with you once again, some of these popular posts, which I implore mothers to reflect upon…..

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Give your kids a good up-bringing…https://justmikemon.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/train-up-a-child-in-the-way-that-he-should-go/

Be a good role model for your kids…https://justmikemon.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/what-are-we-teaching-our-children/

Teach your kids about sex and dating…https://justmikemon.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/lets-talk-about-sex/

Out of 5, rate your relationship with your children…https://justmikemon.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/building-a-strong-relationship-with-your-child/

God bless the mothers of the world….


Train Up A Child In The Way That He should Go…

Growing up for me was pretty tough. I (with my siblings) was brought up by parents who believed so much in the fact that “he that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him…”(Prov 13:24)

After working with children for more than 14 years, I have come to realise that indeed, as a parent, true love to a child was not all about giving a child the best material things in life, but actually giving a child the best home training, which is actually an “insurance policy” against headaches and heart aches for both the child and the parents in future. Good home training have also been discovered, without a doubt, to be much more durable than material things.

Two weeks ago, I was opportune to be part of an interview panel that interviewed a number of boys and girls who were seeking admission into a secondary school. One of the kids who came before me was an adorable ten year old boy who displayed the same traits like his siblings who were already in that school, namely, humility, respect, very good line of thought and reasoning and above all, his knowledge of God. I know a child who is acting up when I see one. This boy, like his siblings, was simply who he was portraying – a very good boy from a very good home where proper home training seemed to be a top priority.

On the flip side, it is very interesting to hear of mothers who do not allow their daughters to enter the kitchen – all in the name of being rich enough  to afford the services of house helps. What about some parents who encourage their kids to disrespect everybody. They have so deeply sown the seed of pride in their kids that they see everybody else as people that should not be treated with respect. Some years ago, a twelve year old girl( or there about), told me how she used to curse and kick their house help, who was even older than her mother – all to the knowledge of her parents !!!

Interestingly, some children who are engaged in indecent dressing do so on the full approval of the parents. Without a doubt, some of these clothes are bought for them by their parents !!! For boys who sag, I refuse to believe that most of the parents whose kids sag, are not aware of it. Not only this, with the parents “consent,” children freely use foul language, disregard hard work, keep bad peer groups … and completely relegate God to insignificance.

The word of God further says : “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Prov 22:6). Experience has proved, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the relegation of this beautiful Bible verse to insignificance, is a major factor behind most of the problems we have today in families, schools, society and globally.

So, while it is still possible, let u’s train up our children in the way that they should go…

Thanks for your time.

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Looking For The Best Care Giver For Your Children?

Taking care of children of all ages can really be an uphill task. At home, the child is exposed to all sorts of things that affect him or her both positively and negatively. It’s so difficult and time-consuming that some parents have to employ the services of nannies and care givers to take care of them. Even with this arrangement, there is a limit to what the care givers can do.

As they grow older, they have to go to school and start mixing up with children from other homes. Parents’ and care giver’s job is passed on to the teachers when they are in the school, where they mix up with other children from different family backgrounds. They learn a lot in the process – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Despite all of these care, training and upbringing, we still find a lot of children who exhibit signs of lack of proper upbringing by parents, schools and care givers. Today, we find children from very good homes being unrepentant members of dare-devil gangs, doing hard drugs, involving in rape cases, involving in robberies, involving in nudity and indecent dressing, showing disregard to good grades in school and engaging in other miscellaneous crimes. More interesting is the involvement of children of the “servants of God” in all these anomaly.

In addition to these, children are also exposed to all sorts of health hazards and insecurity. This is often beyond the control of parents and care givers. Are we going to lock them up in the house because of accidents or insecurity outside? Who says that the home is free from hazards and insecurity?

I guess by now you would be anxious to know who this “Mr. Fix It” Care Giver I want to recommend to you is. Relax! I will tell you. “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.”(Isaiah 49:15)…yeahh, God Almighty !!!

For every single day, from the days of his being in his mother’s womb, I have, for close to five years, prayed for and handed over my son to this amazing Care Giver. He neither forgets my kids nor sleeps nor makes mistakes, and therefore has no excuses. He directs my son’s steps and therefore keeps him from danger. He waits for, and deals with every childhood health challenges and therefore keeps him in sound health, year in, year out. Academically, he is called “The Prof.” In all, my son has been in the hands of the best Care Giver that exists.

It is because of this extra ordinary antecedent that I confidently handed over my daughter, who will be nine months old in six days’ time, to this extra ordinary Care Giver, right from when she was in the womb. As expected, it has been great!!! It has been about nine months of amazing grace and mercies of God, who has proved to be a great dad and Care Giver for my kids. What I feel so grateful for is her PERFECT health for almost nine months. At her age, she does things a baby of her age would rarely do. Things that only God can really explain where she learnt them from. Her intelligence is equally divine! Just like in the case of her brother, God has been too protective; too caring and very loving. I call her “The Amazing One !”

God is awesome and I am eternally grateful for all He has done for my kids. One fact that no one can argue with me over, is the fact that God is responsible for all the testimonies associated with my kids. I am eternally grateful for all He has done for them, and for teaching me the right thing to do – and that is to make him my kids’s Care Giver !

God Almighty knows it all, sees it all, understands it all, He is everywhere and sits on top of every other power in heaven and on earth.

What all these translate to is that no matter the arrangement you make for the upbringing and care for your children, my advice to you is to ALWAYS INVOLVE GOD………by praying for them and handing them over to God….ALWAYS !!!

Do you have a child(ren) ? If you do, in whose care do you entrust them every day?

Thanks for your time.

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What Are We Teaching Our Children?

I noticed something about my  son (now 5 plus) – he often watches with keen interest most of the things that we do at home. Many times he has done certain things which I am noted for and I do not need to ask “where did he get that from?” So, the slogan in my home is “whatever you will not want him to do, do not do it in his presence.”

The younger sister too (now a year plus) is taking from him. The other day she (then 8 months plus) attempted to open the glass shelve with one hand and a DVD in the other hand. She was obviously attempting to play the disc just as she has been seeing us do.

No doubt, this is very common in every home. Our kids watch and take after us, if not soon, later in life. A child who grew up in a house where the parents are always quarreling and fighting is watching keenly. Such a child is most likely to have imbibed the attitude of aggressiveness, malice-keeping and fighting, even over very minor issues. When he/she gets married, a replay of what used to happen back at home is most likely to take place in their homes too.

Our children are watching everything we do – our dress culture, kind of friends we keep, groups we belong to, films we watch, places we go to, the way we walk, the way we talk, our comportment, attitude to life/work, likes/dislikes, the way we eat and even the way we sleep. For a father who is used to sleeping out and night clubbing, a free ticket to sleeping out and constant night clubbing has unknowingly been given to his children. In fact, sleeping out becomes a way of life. I know of a boy who took to alcoholism because “my dad cannot stop me because he is a born-drunkard!” I think it makes a lot of sense. In fact, they are consciously or unconsciously watching and learning from our (parents’) life styles !

How does a parent go about cautioning the child when he/she is neck-dip in the same practice. How does a father (or mother) who is a known robber or fraudster be able to “make a noise” when his child is caught in such acts? Can a mother who does not see anything wrong in nudity caution her daughter for the same act? Would it be morally right for a chain-smoking father to raise alarm if he catches his child sniffing cocaine or using any other hard drug?

Check out what our Lord Jesus says about this : “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” (Matt 7:3)

It also reminds me of the encounter our Lord Jesus had with the Scribes and Pharisees over the woman who committed adultery. He said : “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8:7).

Thus, parenting requires a lot of care, caution, responsibility and role-modelling on our part. Children are fast learners, especially as it relates to what they see around them. We therefore should be able to “cast a stone” without a feeling of guilt and should be able to help our children remove the “mote” in their eyes without someone telling us to remove the “beam” from our own eyes first.

May God Almighty help us to “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Prov 22:6)…amen !!!

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The Arduous Task Of Parenting In The 21st Century

It is the dream of every responsible man or woman to, some day, get married and have a happy family of their own. It is even biblical that a man and woman will leave their parents and get married someday. After marriage, the next thing would be to start having children. However, coping with parental responsibilities could really make parenting a great deal of work; and in extreme cases, it could be an uneviable position. In the 21st century as we have it today, parenting could really be an arduous task.

I came into the world when parenting was relatively easy. There were fewer external influences “re-teaching” children what their parents have thought them. The kind of music videos, movies, songs, education, fashion and the internet were virtually insignificant in my early childhood days.

I remember vividly, what I used to see on TV and on the streets back in the seventies through to the eighties. I can’t recall hearing of the internet back then. Sex was relatively “unpopular.” I can’t recall hearing about condoms back then. There was so much decency. Education was the main status symbol. Thus, it was so easy to listen to and follow my parents’ guidance because of the very minimal contrary “lessons” from external factors. Even the so-called peer influence was not so pronounced as friends had so liitle to teach then.

Today, its a different ball game altogether. Undoubtedlly, there is so much “failed parenting” !!!

I see two types of failure here – those who have failed because they have knowingly abandoned their responsibilities as parents – they simply don’t care – and secondly, those who have been overpowered by the times that you and I are operating today.

Parenting in the 21st century can make a Reverend to appear as a “failed parent.” Infact, I have seen and heard of sons and daughters of “men of God” portray themselves as children without any moral education – in terms of dressing, utterances, comportment and much more.

The 21st century has brought with it “sophisticated external influences” that has made parenting very challenging. There has been a serious revolution in virtually everything which influence on us was almost insignificant during our growing up days – communication/gadgets, dressing, music videos, radio and TV presentations, print media, movies, entertainment, songs, well exposed peers and much more. The father of them all, of course, has been the internet. This has been a bag of all sorts – the good, the bad and the ugly.

The internet is one single major challenge for the 21st century parent. Despite its enormous advantages, it is the largest reservoir of negative influences on children. Sadly, these influences can only increase in quantity and sophistication.

I don’t like criticising the internet because it has been a wonderful companion for me – blogging being just one of its benefits. But be that as it may, its impact on parenting cannot be treated with kid gloves. Doing so would be tantamount to ignoring a smoke in one’s apartment.

No doubt, these factors are so strong and deep. No wonder so many parents have failed woefully in their responsibilities. The result being teenage pregnancies, prostitution, cyber crime, regular “tenancy” in prisons, smoking, alcoholism, lifes of immorality, gangstarism, disdain for education, collapse of values, indecent dressing, vulgarism….

Coupled with this is the rate at which children of these days learn. Its really alarming. I have often said it that when I was my son’s age I was not as intelligent as he is. At 2, he was able to operate all the remote controls in the house – TV, home theartre, DVD and decoder. Now he’s 4+ and handles my laptop as if its one of his toys. He also querries me on issues that are beyond a 4-year old. They call it the “jet age”; I call it more work for me and the mum. He’s not alone on this, I am sure you have similar stories to tell if you are a parent.

I have been sharing some tips on coping with these challenges. I hope to do a post on these soon.

Happy parenting !

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Papa Was Not A Rolling Stone

Image courtesy photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Remember the classic by The Temptations : “Papa was a rolling stone. Where ever he lays his hat, was his home?” Well, if you are as “young” as I am, you should. I came across the song and remembered my dad of blessed memory. I only added the word “not” cos my papa was certainly not a rolling stone.

My best moment everyday is having a good time with my family, especially my two adorable angels (a four year+ and 7 months+). Weekends are spent together and outings are done together. Weekdays, after work, we play together and share what I bought for them. For me it is always a great stress reliever after a hectic day. My kids always enjoy those moments a lot too. Even my 7 months+ angel displays so much excitement when she sights me on my return from work.

For me, I prefer this fun to eating and drinking my stress away in a bar or any other joint. Different strokes for different folks you might say.

There is always an origin for everything we do. My dad was a real family man – comes home straight after work. No drinking. No smoking. No womanising. No late nights. Does not sleep out. He provided for the family within his resources and made his family his number one priority. He was a real father in the real sense of it. My dad was the best. His life style brought peace to the family and we were a source of envy to those who were even better than us financially.    

I got the inspiration to do this post when I heard the very sad story of a married man who was a real rolling stone. He drank, smoked, womanised, kept late nights and sometimes, without telling his family, sleeps out. He sleeps where ever the night and “fun” catches up with him. And when he choses to go back home, he is so drunk to play his role as a father, and of course, as a husband is wishful thinking. There is hardly a day a fight does not take place in their home. And after the fight, he would go for days without a trace. This papa is a real rolling stone!

To make matters worse, he has always refused to provide for his family, even when he could afford it. In fact, you will see it on the children especially, that they lacked the care and love of a father. Otherwise how do you interpret a situation where he tells his friend to always lie to his wife that he is yet to be paid his salary. 

One obvious consequence in all of this is that his family is really in a bad shape. I pity the family a lot, especially the kids. 

Well, I just want to thank God that my papa was not a rolling stone. Cos if he was, there is the strong likelihood that I would have been one too. And my family would have been going through a similar ordeal as this man’s family. And by extension, my life would have been a true reflection of a troubled home. 

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