Withholding What Belongs To God.

versatile blogger awardHow would you feel (or how did you feel) if you did something worthy of praise and all the praises and recognition went to someone else? Bad and discouraged I guess? I would really feel bad. In “pidgin English” (a diluted version of the English spoken here in Nigeria), we describe that as “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop.” This means the monkey is working and the baboon is enjoying the benefits of the work. Huh ! That can be painful.

This is the same way God feels each time we take the glory, honour and exaltation that truly belongs to Him – and that to me, is withholding what belongs to God.

For some people, it’s a time to shine when they are being praised or exalted. Being praised is okay, but not acknowledging the source of the achievement is where I am concerned about. No doubt, ALL of man’s achievements and blessings come from God. Or should I say, ALL I can do and have done in life, which merits praise, honour and recognition, are privileges from God. And I will not take the glory for them, ALL glory belongs to God. Do you feel the same way too?

So, my take is when next you are given praises, honour and exaltation that rightly belongs to God, do not withhold them….pass it on….and He will surely bless you.

To God be the glory !!

Thanks for your time.

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Pause For A While …. And Count Your Blessings…

Have you ever been annoyed with God before because of one setback or the other?

Recently, my finances was not in a good shape. I needed to implement some plans that needed huge financial outlay. As I hit the road, I saw this physically deformed man who was begging to survive. He looked very hungry and unkept. But there I was wearing a nice pair of jeans, t-shirt and a pair of trainers, with a nice perfume. I had a nice breakfast of yam and fried eggs/tomatoes…reasonable cash in my pocket and just left my comfortable family behind at home.

As I saw him, I felt this guilt that forced me to start thanking God and beg for forgiveness for feeling so bad and complaining because of a temporary set back. Even in his condition, the beggar was still praying and acknowledging God (please don’t ask me how sincere he was with his prayers 🙂 ).

Actually, this kind of scenario has popped up a number of times – feel bad, complain to God, only to see someone who is obviously in a worse situation singing praises to God. Then guilt takes over.

One fact is indisputable – in every situation we find ourselves there is always some body out there who is in a worse situation. It boils down to the fact that at any point in time there is always soooo much to thank God for.

No doubt an unemployed man is certainly better than an unemployable person; the man who has just lost his job could become an employer tomorrow  a barren woman is certainly better than the one that has passed away; a man without shoes is certainly better than the man without legs; the man without legs says he is better than the man in the grave; the man who could not afford breakfast has hopes that food will come if he makes some efforts. He tells you it is better than being in the prison where he has no freedom of movement; the woman who lost her child at the point of delivery is better than the one who died during child birth…. there is sooo much to thank God for !!

A song writer once sang “count your blessings; name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done. Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”

This was one of the songs I heard last Sunday in Church, and I thought of sharing a post on it on my blog.

So, one more time, I just want to say a big thank you to God almighty for all He has done, is doing and would do for me and my family….and you too. I pray He forgives us for all the complains that made us appear like ingrates.

So, count your blessings … and really, you will be surprised to know that God has done a lot ….

“Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him, talk ye of all his wondrous works.” -(1 Chron 16:8-9)

God bless us all.


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Between Doing Good And Ingratitude

I lived with my wonderful parents for 27 years. In all of those years I learnt a lot from them. One of such things was the “art of doing good” to people.

My parents insisted it stayed that way even if the beneficiary did not deserve it. According to them such acts of kindness and generosity to our fellow human beings will attract the aura of good tidings, and very importantly, the favour and mercies of God towards us. Even the Bible supports this as so many parts of the Bible talks about doing good to our fellow human beings and the benefits that go with it. The Bible also has so many accounts of the good deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ to people when He was on earth, even when they did not deserve it.

Another good thing about doing good to others was this inner peace and joy that comes with every act of kindness, especially when the beneficiary shows appreciation.

It is because of all these (and more) that I have always tried, sometimes against my wish, to reach out a hand of kindness, goodwill or generosity to those who need it. I have to confess that trully, it pays to do good; and it has been really encouraging.

However, a feeling of regret comes in when an act of kindness is paid back with hate, malice and wickedness. You begin to wish you had kept your kind heart to yourself. You begin to wonder why the happiness and gratitude that is supposed to greet an act of kindness, within seconds, turns to hate, malice and wickedness. At that point, you become confused, angry and wish that the hands of time can be turned back. Then you make up your mind that if you had the same opportunity again, you will certainly “play safe.”

I would not blame you if that is the way you feel. Cos sometimes it really pays to “play safe.” It is a matter of studying the kind of people you have around you. For some, acts of goodwill are really appreciated; for some, acts of goodwill must be done with caution, if you do not want to blame yourself later. People like this can disconnect you from God. They make you regret doing good. They make you think of stop doing good. They give you reasons, from their conduct, why you should also have a bad heart.

Then, in the middle of this confusion, you stop and ask yourself “what if God stops doing good to me because of my sins?” I chose not to ponder over this scary question!

So, it’s a matter of choice for you and I – listen to the voice of God and continue to reap the benefits or allow an ingrate to disconnect you from the mercies, favour and treasures of God….

May God guide and I to chose well in Jesus name, amen.

Thanks for your time.

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