Seeking GOD’s Support In 2014

church-Prayer.jpgPraise God for making you and I and our lovely families to see 2014. We bless God for His mercies, grace and love in 2013. if not for Him a lot of things would have gone permanently wrong. Hallelujah !!!

As we set out in 2014, it makes a lot of sense to Ask God for His divine direction in all our endeavours. Man will forever be man in his reasoning and ways of doing things. God will forever be God too. His infinite wisdom and ever-reliable knowledge would be very useful for us in 2014. His regret-free guidance and mentoring will keep us from waste of scarce resources, especially time and money. His foresight will provide us with an excellent and rewarding guide throughout the year.

In John 21, we are told of how Peter went out fishing and caught nothing. He caught nothing because he relied on His ability, which failed Him. He also failed because he did not know the right side of the boat/water that would yield a good catch. Man will forever think and act like man. However, when Jesus intervened, the difference between the knowledge of man and that of God became obvious. No gambling. No guesses. No risk-taking. No mistakes. No flaws.

Hence, in 2014, I am looking forward to divine directions like this…

Throw your net on the right side of the boat

and you will find some. When they did, they

were unable to haul the net in because

of the large number of fish – John 21:6

The Lord is still performing these miracles in the lives of those who seek His intervention after toiling for so long without success.

My prayer for 2014:

Heavenly father, I am human and will always be. In 2014 (and beyond), I count on your divine direction. I count on your flawless decisions, direction, mentoring and guidance. I count on your ever-reliable wisdom and knowledge. I count on your abundant grace, mercy and unconditional love. I count on your ability to do what is seen to be impossible. As you live and because of the awesome things you have done for me in the past and knowing and believing that you change not, 2014 will be a testimony-packed year for me and my family, in Jesus awesome name I pray, amen!

NB: You can copy and paste this prayer on the comment box if you so desire 🙂

I wish you a blissful 2014 filled with God’s ever-reliable direction.



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