How Powerful Can Words Be?

Two weeks ago, I was at a meeting where tempers rose because of the choice of words used which angered one of those that presided over the meeting. At a point, I thought it would lead to something more complicated. It did not. It took words – the right words – to calm down tempers.

This week, it happened again. This time, it was even more serious – words also caused the rise in tempers. Again, it took words – the right words, from the same person – to calm down tempers. Instantly, I crowned her the “Gifted Mediator” and one with the “Gift of words” đŸ™‚

Words are indeed very powerful. One unique thing about it is that once released, they cannot be recalled. So, it implies that one has to be very careful with words. Words can bring peace in relationships, marriage or even a country. Similarly, words can cause a lot of confusion, scatter relationships and even cause war in a country or between countries.

Words need not be too many to have far-reaching effects. Simple words like “I am sorry,” “excuse me,” “please,” or “please forgive me,” have been known to have both positive or negative results, depending on whether they were said or not.

Bottom line : words require a lot of caution since they cannot be recalled once released. Sometimes, they behave like bad messengers – doing far more than you had in mind when you released them.

Thanks for your time.

Dedication : This post is dedicated to a wonderful “Gifted Mediator” who is blessed with the “Gift of Words” (identity withheld). Her near-perfect choice of words under different circumstances led to this post. I salute you madam.

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