Woe To You Angels Of Death !!!

Rest in peace dear sister

Rest in peace dear sister

Woe to you angels of death
You disgusting, heartless angels of tears and sorrow
Joy, you like not
Peace, you like not
The most uncaring idiot I know

You thwart the plans of man while he slumbers
You look not at the innocence of a dying baby
You care not about how a baby will cope after you show your ugly face
You miserable, stinking, stupid tears merchant

I hate you for all the tears

For all the tears you have made us shed. Love, you love not.

When we love, you come and cut short the love

Woe to you all !
You disgusting angels of death
As God lives, you will not win anymore
My family shall not lose to you again
We will testify of victories over you

Shame upon you cos I cannot turn against God
We will live and enjoy life
Yes! Till God Himself allows us to come and rest in peace

Shame to you demons of hell
Cos you can reach our loved ones no more
You can stress them no more
They are in the very safe bossom of God
The same God who knows why He allowed you to win

Get thee back to the pits of hell
The angels of God are on guard
Tears, sorrow and horror be your best friends for ever
That you may dwell in agony for ever
Glory to God !!!
Woe to you all !!!

Dedication : Dedicated to the loving memory of my dear sister,Glory, who passed away during child birth on May 8th, 2012. Rest in peace dear sister. (https://justmikemon.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/international-womens-day-tribute-to-all-women/comment-page-1/)

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