Imagine A World With Peace Everywhere….

Bloggers for peace

‘If you want to know the value of peace of mind,

ask those who do not have it. Then you will do everything

possible to guard yours….if you have it” – Michael Monday

In a world where bad news fill the news media; in a world where revenue from guns and other weapons of war and anarchy compete with the revenue earned from food and other good things of life, the cry for peace cannot be said to be too loud. The write-ups on peace cannot be said to be too many or too lengthy.

So much blood has been shed. No country is spared. Age, gender or race is not a criteria  for deciding who is gunned down or not or who or where is bombed or spared. In some countries, the situation is appalling.

Taking of peoples’ life is now being done with so much ease…as if life is so worthless these days. Fear fills the air. Peace of mind has become a luxury….for those who are so fortunate and privileged to have it. Even God almighty, has received more requests for His amazing grace more than ever before, because it seems to be the wisest thing to do these days.

Hmnn…then I wonder…for how long will these continue ???…..what does tomorrow hold ???…

So, I did not give it a second thought when I came across an awesome initiative tagged BLOGGERS FOR PEACE. I have joined the movement…..the movement for a cry for peace…..for you, for me, our families, friends and for the world….

What about you ?…CLICK HERE TO JOIN if you are a blogger…

“Heal the world.

Make it a better place.

For you and for me

and the entire human race.

There are people dying.

If you care enough for the living

make it a better place. For you and for me…”

– Michael Jackson

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