Praying Your Way Through In An Unsafe World

Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Pastor E.A. Adeboye

I just had a discussion with a colleague over the wicked and sinful world in which we now find ourselves. We now live a world where the devil is wrecking so much havoc on per second basis. There is hardly a country today without its own fair share of bad news. My beloved country is not excluded. These days, it seems that all the media houses are thriving on bad news – satanic attacks, bomb blasts, suicide bombings, wars, armed robbery, rape, flooding, earth quakes, assassinations, murder, incest, plane crashes, gun attacks in schools……..One then begins to wonder how to survive each passing day with so much evil out there.

Governments all over the world have failed to keep us safe. In some countries it is even the government that is killing its own people. On our own and in the alternative, we have done so many things to stay safe. Some have even resorted to the occult. But the rampaging of the devil and his disciples continues unabated – sucking blood and spreading sorrow !!!

As it is, the only way out is to cleave to the unfailing source of security; the ultimate power that swallows up other powers; the God of gods and the Lord of lords and the one who has delivered me (and I belief you too) from the “mouth of the lion” countless times. His protection seems to be the most reliable these days, as every other means and source of protection and security have failed us big time.

Thus, these days, we need to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessa 5:17). We need to commit each day into God’s hands. Thus, “in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”(Prov 3:6 says).

And at night, we need to acknowledge and give Him praises for a job well done through out the day because “Thou in thy mercy hast led forth the people which thou hast redeemed: thou hast guided them in thy strength unto thy holy habitation”(Exodus 15:13).

And before we sleep we need to ask him for the mercies of the night because “…except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh in vain”. (Psalm 127:1). He’s ever waiting for our prayers. He does not charge consultation fees. He does not discriminate. He is not like man who sleeps even while watching over us. He is not like man who turns around to kill the person he is watching over. He knows everything that is going to happen. He does not require you to sacrifice a family member or to shed blood before he can protect you. He is awesomely magnanimous. He is, and would for ever be my prefered source of security and protection.

A prayerless life is an easy catch for the devil and his disciples. A life without God is like having eyeballs without eyelids. It is like a crawling baby on a very busy road. Pray…ceaselessly !

God bless us all.

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International Women’s Day : Tribute To All Women

GLO-2.jpgThis is actually a post I did earlier and decided to use it to honour a group of  people I see as being next to God….WOMEN… mark the International Women’s Day…..

After marriage, the best news one can hear is that the couple are about to become parents. Given the number of couples who have had to wait for so many months or years to have this joy; or those who are yet to have this kind of joy after many months or years of marriage, one can imagine the amount of joy and excitement that usually greets the news that the woman is pregnant. The excitement is heightened when the pregnancy is actually the first. In some cases, a party is thrown and testimonies are made in the church.

As the pregnancy grows into weeks and then months, the excitement multiplies. Prayers, anti natal visits and all sorts of advice come from all sorts of people. The excitement reaches its peak when the pregnancy reaches the seventh month or thereabout when the sex of the baby is known and is probably what the couples had hoped for.  At this time, it is expected that the baby’s (or babies’) needs would have been bought.

And then the moment finally comes when the baby is ready to come into the world !!!

It was Thursday, 24th July 2008,  I had my first encounter with the real life version of what I used to watch in films – when a man has to wait outside the labour ward and await the outcome of the nine months journey which he had escorted his wife all along – an outcome which no one except GOD could say exactly how it would turn out to be. The labour pain started at exactly 10.15p.m., apparently an answered prayer, as I had asked GOD to please make it happen at a time I can find help. I have never been as confused all my life. I was vibrating all over when my wife told me that it seems the moment has finally come.  

By the amazing grace and mercies of GOD, my wife delivered safely, a ‘’beautiful’’ boy, after ten ‘’gruesome’’ hours of waiting. It was the longest ten hours I have ever had in all of my life. In fact, my wife said she had almost concluded delivery before the mid wives came to finish the job. Praise the LORD. Three months later, again by the amazing grace and mercies of GOD, my younger sister put to bed. Wao !!!

With these testimonies and many before it, pregnancy meant: go to the hospital when the labour pain comes; deliver and then jubilation follows. Even though I have heard of complications that ended up with sorrow, I still saw pregnancy the way GOD planned it – a means of procreation. Simple!!!

However, this confidence suffered a serious setback on Tuesday, 8th May, 2012 (a day to my birthday). At about 10a.m., I got the worst phone call I have ever (and would ever) received, from my younger brother. The news? My younger sister had died during child birth earlier in the morning. I did not know when I dropped the call and threw the phone on the table. It was like a dream to me. I felt like removing all my clothes and throw them away. I had a feeling which only a Physiatrist could describe properly. Like I said earlier, pregnancy meant go to the hospital when the labour pain comes; deliver and let the jubilation begin.

As I got to know later, my sister bled to death!!! Help could not come immediately. She was taken to a maternity home with little or no medical facility and personnel to handle complications. She had to be rushed to a hospital, which was not even nearby, for help. Imagine a woman in pain losing blood over a long distance. My sweet sister and her baby who was fully delivered could not be saved!!! And so I lost my dearly beloved sister.

Perhaps, just perhaps, my sister and her baby could have been saved if the right personnel and facilities were on ground to attend to them when every second mattered.

At this time, my wife was about seven months pregnant. I have never been as fearful as I was in my entire life. I prayed the way I have never done before. My sister’s death made me to now see pregnancy differently. Pregnancy was not supposed to be a source of death. I was so afraid. Not even my prayers and prayer requests and other safe deliveries could rebuild my positive perception of pregnancy.

God and women are awesome !

God and women are awesome !

On Wednesday, 11th July, 2012, the day and moment came. Against all fears, GOD in His infinite grace and mercy granted my wife safe “arrival.” However, it was not without a ‘’fight.’’ My wife had a tear and started bleeding. Two different actions were taken to stop the bleeding to no avail. It was the third, and GOD’s amazing mercies that stopped the bleeding. What could have happened if the doctors did not know of the third technique?

After this last experience, I now see mothers as special beings created by God and who should be treated as such. They carry the responsibility which cannot be delegated. Responsibility, which sometimes ends in fatality. My sister is gone, but the husband is still alive. What a sacrifice. Obviously, he will remarry. Life goes on. She died, like so many other mothers, while carrying a ‘’cross’’ that was meant to bring joy to the family, if she arrives safely. Where they don’t, they bear ALL the pain and sometimes never live to tell how much pain they had gone through. What a responsibility.

Are you pregnant or perhaps a friend or relation is? Or perhaps your wife is pregnant? Please allow me to share a few tips or human efforts that can be taken as preventive measures against having problematic pregnancies/deliveries:-

*A very good hospital is a MUST. If possible, opt for a near-by hospital. Labour pains can become fatal if urgent attention is not given to the woman. Some women have died in the course of delivering on the way to the hospital or at home. Avoid a penny-wise-pound-foolish mistakes.

*Ante natal appointments MUST be kept religiously.

*Regular scans should be conducted to ascertain the position of the baby and the placenta.

*Do not wait until the next ante natal appointment before you complain of headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness, foul odour from the vagina and other unusual feelings.

*Ante natal check up is NOT complete without checking the heart beat/health of the baby in the womb. This could save the life of a woman if the growing baby had died in the womb without the woman knowing.

*Avoid taking things that are injurious to the unborn baby such as cigarettes, alcohol, native concoctions and foods that are capable of making the baby too big for easy passage from the vagina.

*NEVER agree to a caesarian section where you are not sure of the reputation of the hospital for such operations.

*Men should endeavor to follow their wives to ante natal checkups. They can help remind their wives of what the Doctor said, and insist on some things which the woman would have treated with levity.

*Finally, and above all, be very prayerful. It is no hidden secret that the best of hospitals in the world today have lost countless women during child birth. However, it will be very foolish of anyone to say that because he/she is praying, then no human effort is important.

I doff my hat for every mother out there. I hold you all in high esteem. I have been to the labour ward twice and have ‘’helped my wife carry her pregnancy’’ twice and would therefore not need anyone to tell me what pregnancy and child delivery is all about. For the expectant mothers, I wish you the grace and mercies of God. But please you and your husband MUST do everything humanly possible to have a safe delivery and leave the rest to GOD for perfection.

To my dearly beloved sister, in whose memory this blog post is dedicated, I want to say it’s still too hard to believe that you are no more. It is insane to question GOD. But sweet memories lingers forever in the hearts of those you left behind, especially your son, Simi.

May your sweet soul rest in perfect peace, in Jesus name, amen.


The world is filled with all sorts of people – people who love you, haters, people who are jealous over your success, people who celebrate your success, people who just like saying trash without thinking, people who are objective in their reasoning……all sorts of people. So when “NEGATIVE PEOPLE” come your way, do not give them the joy of allowing their negativity to to make you lose focus. Stay focused and and move on cos they would be very happy to see you do those things that will make you go down…..don’t give them that joy. – Michael Monday.

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It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and I am feeling good. Real good. That is until I read a text saying “Have you seen this shit The Onion tweeted?” I raise a quizzical eyebrow and proceed to discover the latest foolishness that finds its home on Twitter. I was thinking maybe it was some more Harlem Shake responses or perhaps Lisa Lampanelli was vomiting out of her mouth again; all likely possibilities.

Alas, the question posed was actually referring to a vulgar epithet hurled at youngest ever Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis. According to Buzzfeed, The Onion decided to tweet this:

Buzzfeed reported that after being up for an hour and receiving a mass backlash, The Onion removed the tweet. However, what is written on Twitter can never be fully erased, as is apparent in this image above. And as I stare at the 17-word tweet, it amazes…

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It’s Valentine’s day…..


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renxkyoko's space

Hola !

Renxkyoko Iglesias here ..


Well, uhm, it’s Valentine’s Day again, huh. So, what can I say about it?


.Are you alone ?


.Have you been friend-zoned ?


Did you let him know of your feelings , but you were rejected?



Alright, I understand. You’re maiden’s feelings have been hurt, big time.



Hey !  HEY ! !  You don’t  have to do that !!!!!! You crazy ?



.WTF ! !



orange_kiss_story1_ivyscan_orange_kiss_story1_038What a jerk !  You should have done this….


Okay, I don’t suggest you do that.  I take it back.  You might get sued for assault.


I know it’s hard but get a grip on yourself, mull it over and meanwhile …….


.Are you done ?  Well then , let’s move on, shall we ?.  We lonesome singles should stick and do stuff together.  Let’s be happy in our misery.



You’ll forget, sooner than you think, I…

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Valentine’s Day : A Bag Of All Sorts

Image courtesy photoexplorer/

Image courtesy photoexplorer/

Hii pals. Its yet another valentine’s day ! It’s a day “love” is celebrated, even though many people do not know the origin of Valentine’s day and how it should be celebrated.

Indeed, Valentine’s day is bag of all sorts.Some people who are searching for true love might eventually find one today.The world would be painted red today with beautiful red flowers, clothes and other fashion items. Restaurants, hotels and other fun spots would have a field day today. Failing or failed relationships and marriages might have a restart today and marriage vows renewed. In very extreme cases, some people might even surrender themselves totally to God Almighty in exchange for His genuine love towards them.

Inevitably and sadly too, some hearts will be broken today too. Whether we like it or not, a lot of condoms will exchange for cash today. In the process, a lot of girls will lose their most priced property – their virginity. Some will have the “seed of pregnancy’’ planted in them. Worse still, a lot of ladies will exchange their bodies for cash today. I call them Valentine Prostitutes(I am sorry if I sound harsh. I cannot think of another name for them). Sadly too, there will be many cases of adultery today.In some extreme cases, some marriages will be placed on installmental collapse today.

So, you see what I meant by Valentine’s day is bag of all sorts – the good, the bad and the ugly !!!

In a world filled with so much deceit, hypocrisy, lies, cheating, back-stabbing and money-or-gift-for-love, one would wish that EVERYONE would truly surrender their hearts to TRUE LOVE and GENUINE LOVE today. Sadly, it will not happen and may never happen in subsequent years.

However, true love still exists….in the hearts of some people and in the HEART OF GOD….Such “love bears up under anything and everything that comes; is ever ready to believe the best of every person; its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances and it endures everything [without weakening]. Love never fails [never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end]” (1 Corinthians 13:7-8 AMP).

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs” (1 Corinthians 13:4-5 NIV).

This is TRUE LOVE !

This is the kind of love I wish myself, my family, my good friends and you….

Demonstrate GENUINE love to someone today

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World Teachers’ Day : Tribute To All Teachers

This post was actually written to commemorate the World Teachers’ Day…..

wpid-DSC_0162.jpgAs the world marks World Teachers’ Day today, my mind goes back to those days when I was in primary school and growing up, it was a thing of pride to be a teacher. Teachers were well respected. Teachers looked good. They looked comfortable. Most of my teachers had cars. They dressed well. They lived in good homes. Some of my teachers used to travel abroad frequently. Even the classrooms and school compounds were good enough to work and learn. You could find students who aspired to be teachers later in life. Generally, being a teacher brought honour and hope because of the conditions around the teacher at that time.

That was many years ago. Things have changed now. Today, it is very easy to identify a teacher (at least most teachers) – not well dressed, obvious signs of malnourishment and lives under uncomfortable conditions. Some schools have very uncomfortable classrooms, staff rooms and facilities.

The very small percentages of teachers who are apparently above this ugly picture are those who are very fortunate to teach in very good private schools, those in Federal schools and some states like Lagos State. My friend who is a teacher in a Lagos State (Nigeria) secondary school earns what can be described as reasonable and which can give one a good life if one plans well. His Excellency, Governor Babatunde Fashola has done so much in providing a conducive working environment for both working and learning. Most of the schools are wearing new looks and some old structures have given way to new ones. Even though teachers and education are begging for more, His Excellency deserves a lot of praise for all he has done so far.

The worst ‘’culprit’’ in the “maltreatment” of teachers is some of the private schools. In some private schools, Teachers are treated like slaves. Salary is a privilege and not a right. Apart from the salaries being very unreasonable, some schools pay teachers in installments, with teachers not being sure of when the next installment will come. In some, teachers are hired and fired without any regards to labour laws. In fact, in some schools, teachers are sacked verbally. In some, the owners of the schools have created a semi-god status for themselves, thus creating so much tension in the hearts of teachers.  In some, teachers’ movements is monitored or restricted in a way not done in maximum prisons. In some schools, working hours has no limit, while teachers’ welfare is nothing to write home about. To make matters worse, some schools create a conducive environment for students, which the teachers are molding, to insult teachers and treat them (the teachers) with absolute disregard.

It will not be out of place therefore, to praise Mrs O.O. Odunlami, the Proprietress of Pampers Group of Schools (owners of Pampers Private School and Rainbow College  one of the leading group of schools in Lagos and Ogun State of Nigeria, for choosing to do things differently, and therefore give hope to teachers. Apart from being extremely humble, with her presence not creating tension in the hearts of teachers, she has, for more than thirty years (consistently), given number one priority to staff salaries, which is also one of the best in the industry. She has tried in so many ways to create comfort and happiness and not fear and frustration for teachers (and other members of staff). These are worthy of emulation by other school owners.

According to UNESCO, World Teachers’ Day represents a significant token of the awareness, understanding and appreciation displayed for the vital contribution that teachers make to education and development.

To all those who are guilty of ”maltreating” teachers, remember that teachers are the pillars upon which schools, education and the society (and the world at large) are built upon and so, should be treated accordingly. It is only a well motivated teacher, who is treated with respect, that can be effective and efficient.He/she is human like you and should be treated the same way you would have loved to be treated.

So, I join voices to say HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to all teachers, especially all those who have taught me up till this point, and who have made it possible for me to be able to be a blogger. I also thank them for all their contributions to my life. God bless you all.



Farewell 2012….Welcome 2013

And finally the last tick of the seconds timer on our clocks finally brought to an end the year 2012; and the next tick ushered in the much awaited moment – shouts of “happy new year!!!”

tank-God.jpgBy the amazing grace and mercies of God Almighty, the giver and taker of life, me and my family, you and millions of other fortunate people across the globe were amongst those who were blessed to cross over into 2013. This is really an awesome act of God.

For me, 2012 was a mixture of the good, the bad and the urgly. I guess the worst thing that happened to me was the passing away of my sister on the 8th of May, during delivery. However, some measure of good feelings came when my younger brother became a father on the 1st of July. God further comforted us with the birth of my daughter ten days later, and the birth of my niece on the 20th of October. You can say it was a year of babies. Halleluyah !

Aside from this, God showed his presence in several other family matters for which I am very grateful for. His awesome grace, mercies, protection, direction, provision, peace, good health, and fatherly love, were our portion throughout the year. He also fought our battles and brought shame to the devil. Halleluyah ! Indeed we are very grateful.
I specially thank God for my kids, who enjoyed His fatherly love during the year. Even in their “childishness,” God was with them.

I cannot forget His grace, favour and mercies at work and his hands in my wife’s business.

One blog post can never be enough for me to tell the world how grateful I am, but it suffice it to say that I am very grateful to God for being a priviledged beneficiary of His awesome magnanimity in 2012 and look forward to a very wonderful 2013 – My year of Divine Recovery Of Loses.

Thank you for reading my testimony and may your 2013 be filled with testimonies.

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Congratulations To President Obama : Matters Arising

I have never been to the USA, but I love the country to a fault. For me, it is one of the most organized and matured countries on earth. A few other countries also impress me. Good enough, they have always lived up to expectation.

Obama reelectedAnother election has come and gone and as expected the USA lived up to the love and respect I had for them. To the best of my knowledge, the election was very peaceful, devoid of violence, ballot box snatching, assassinations, thuggery, accusations and counter accusations, threat of litigations and all other dirty aspects of politics that dominate the election of other countries. In fact, there was no sign of the incumbency advantage or manipulation by President Obama. He was just a candidate, just like Mr. Romney was.

What mattered to the Americans most was their country and not Mr Romney or President Obama. I use to feel ‘jealous’ when I hear the very common prayer “God bless America. Rather than watch chaos on TV, what I saw was intellectual and matured battle. Issues of national interest were the main subjects of the ”battle” rather that personal witch hunting common in the elections of other climes.

Just like I expected, I just watched a video of Republican, Mitt Romney, conceding defeat in the 2012 presidential election to President Barak Obama, saying ‘I have just called President Obama to congratulate him on his victory….and I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation.” I knew the American blood was in Mitt Romney and he will definitely do as I expected him to do.

Obama votes figuresI join the whole world to congratulate President Barak Obama and wish him and his cabinet well too. I also praise the Americans for living up to the expectation of those who see them as the best democracy in the world.

For other countries where the game of politics is a very dirty and blood-sucking game, I pray that God will heal your lands. I look forward to a time when politics will be mainly for the purpose of service to humanity and not for self-centered and ungodly motives. I hope a time will come when politics in those countries will be free from violent crimes, acrimony, unnecessary litigations and ill-motived god-fatherism. It is very possible….it takes willingness and a strong resolve from all those concerned.

Once more, CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT OBAMA and God bless  America……and God bless Nigeria !!!!


NB : This post was actually written immediately after the 2012 USA elections. I am sure the content is still timely.