If Not For God…

Lord-i-tank-u.jpgLike a seed I germinated
In my mother’s womb
He kept me in there
With so much uncertainty
Will I live?
Will I develop well?
Will my mother survive it?
I would have dried up
Or developed into a monstar
So much uncertainty
But we made it

If not for God…

And I lived on
Because he wanted it so
I wish I could really be thankful
Be thankful when I arrived safely
With my mother by my side
But it’s better late than never

Then He took my hands
And took me for a walk
A walk through life
And I moved on
Year after year
He held tight unto my hands
Through thick and thin
With my parents safely kept for me

Three beautiful companions joined me
To keep me company
To make me smile when I was lonely
And we grew up
Then He re-called my sister back home
To leave this sinful and wicked world

When I needed knowledge
He kept molding my brain
Year after after
And I kept acquiring knowledge
For He was by my side all through

Years rolled by
I needed to break free
To be a man
To start up a home
To survive independently
He gave me a roof over my head
He clothe me
He never let me starve
Year in year out

Like a tree, I developed branches
One, two, and then three
three beautiful branches
It was no longer me, myself and I
For God decided to bless me
A sinner like me

My branches have grown
Year in year out
Looking so beautiful
Looking so radiant
Looking so healthy
Not looked upon with pity
But looked at as lucky ones
With the glory of God shining upon them
That the blind can see it

Like Oliver Twist
I ask for more
Grace, mercy, protection, favour

Because God changes not
I will yet praise thee for ever
Lord, all glory to you

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sunshine-award-sunflower2Wining an award is a clear sign of an appreciation of your efforts in a particular endeavour. Wining the same award more than once means that the other awards did not come by chance. This explains why this particular award carries a lot weight to me 🙂 So, I want to express my deep appreciation to my friend DON CHARISMA for this award. Also, big thanks to all the friends of my blog for the “sunshine” they have added to my efforts.

Aside from the fact that I love blogging….

1.  I appreciate God a lot for all He has done, is doing and would do for me

2. I love gadgets a lot, particular ICT gadgets

3. I am hardly contented with my achievements. Why? Because there is always a better way of going about what I have achieved

4. One day and very soon and as God lives, I will be globally recognised for my  achievements

5. I love “swimming” and what I can do with it

6. Outstanding performance is my best goal in life

7.  I cherish my peace of mind a lot

8.  GOD has proved that he is indeed merciful by giving a sinner like me two human beings as gifts…who can beat this?

9. I strongly feel that the world would be a wonderful place to live in if we ALL sang and lived by Michael Jackson‘s HEAL THE WORLD and MAN IN THE MIRROR

10. I cannot do without GOD in ALL my undertakings.


My awardees, in no particular order, for this award are as follows:









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Once again, thanks for all your encouragement 🙂


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Using God’s Antecedents As FAITH BUILDERS


“God is not a man, that he should lie;

neither the son of man, that he should repent:

hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken,

and shall he not make it good?” – Numbers 23:19


Have you ever finished praying and thereafter, start having doubts as to whether God will grant your request? Or perhaps there is a delay in your prayers being answered and you begin to wonder if GOD is able or still has the ability to do as you requested? If you have, then brighten up ‘cos you are not alone on this 🙂 I have found myself in this situation a number of times.

 Now faith is substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things of things not seen – Heb 11:1

 One of the greatest problems Christians and indeed, most people who go to God for help, have been facing is the LACK OF FAITH. Even some Pastors, who are sincere, will open up and tell you that they have encountered this problem, at one time or another.

 But without faith it is impossible to please Him:

for he that cometh to God must belief that He is,

and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him – Heb 11:6

As someone who has grown up seeing God Almighty as an indispensable part of my existence, I just had to evolve a means of breaking free from this MONSTER that had constituted itself as a huge barrier between man and God Almighty. A sick acquaintance once concluded that God can never heal him. Imagine that!!! And with that belief, he, and like so many people like him, have distanced themselves from GOD and all He stands for, and consequently, have not been able to benefit from the awesome power of God.

Faith building is therefore an exercise that we have to do if we will not end up disconnecting ourselves from the most reliable, regret-free, potent, and powerful source of help. Have you been doing this?

 And the Lord said, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,

ye might say unto this sycamine tree,

Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea,

and it should obey you – Luke 17:6

Read my recipe for faith building….

Once, my son’s (5 years+) friend did not allow him to touch his toy. My son said to him: “my daddy will buy me a better toy.” He turned to me and asked: ”daddy wouldn’t you?” I answered: “of course.” There was this confidence that he exuded when he told his friend what he knew I will do. That is not the first time something like that will happen. My son simply based his confidence on my antecedents.

Interestingly, this encounter between my son and his friend is similar to how I have been able to build my faith from the very low level it was before, to where it is today. All I do I do is to use God’s antecedents as my FAITH BUILDERS. I am not alone on this.

When David had to face Goliath, he did not depend on his ability, he said to Saul…..

 “The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion

and out of the paw of the bear,

he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine.

And Saul said unto David, Go and the Lord be with thee – 1 Sam 17:36

He had confidence in God because of His antecedents. He believed that God was very reliable and could be trusted to do it again and again. He believed that God’s power was not seasonal and had no limit regardless of who or what the opposing power was. Like me, he pondered over what God had done for him in the past and used them as FAITH BUILDERS. At the end, David was not disappointed….

 And David put his hand in his bag and took thence a stone and slang it,

and smote the Philistine in his forehead,

that the stone sunk into his forehead;

and he fell upon his face to the earth –  1 Sam 17:49

I was not the stone that killed Goliath. It was the power of God that followed the stone to do the damage.

We put confidence in people because they have been tested and are trust worthy. Since they have fared well in a particular activity, we believe that they will always live up to expectations. If we can do this in respect of mere humans, why not with respect to God. The Bible and my blog are awash with awesome miracles and wonderful testimonies about God. In fact, I have labeled one chapter of the Bible MY COMFORTER. It’s Exodus 14. Please find time to read it. Please also find time to read one of my favourite posts centered on MY COMFORTER. It is one of my greatest FAITH BUILDERS.

So, like David, what I do when I pray is to put God in remembrance. I remind Him of His awesome deeds of the past. I don’t do this because God has a bad memory, but because He has instructed us to do so.…

Put me in remembrance: let us plead together :

declare thou, that thou mayest be justified – Isaiah 43:26

Faith building is a gradual thing. It does not just happen. It happens over time. It requires a deliberate and conscious effort and a strong determination to cleave to God. There are bound to be challenges. You will see, hear and read things that will attack your efforts to build up your faith. But since you expect these challenges to come, you look beyond them. Surmounting these challenges becomes easier when you have an attitude of “I expected it.” Feed your mind with positive things about God. Pray for His guidance and assistance. Go to church regularly. Read the Bible regularly. Read, listen to, and watch testimonies. These will help you build up a “basket of testimonies.” These will also help you build up your confidence in God and ultimately become FAITH BUILDERS for you. For if God can be awesome yesterday, He will be today and ALWAYS. For He has said…

For I am the Lord, I change not – (Malachi 3:6)

Wishing you loads of God’s luck in your FAITH BUILDING 🙂

Thanks for your time

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Seeking GOD’s Support In 2014

church-Prayer.jpgPraise God for making you and I and our lovely families to see 2014. We bless God for His mercies, grace and love in 2013. if not for Him a lot of things would have gone permanently wrong. Hallelujah !!!

As we set out in 2014, it makes a lot of sense to Ask God for His divine direction in all our endeavours. Man will forever be man in his reasoning and ways of doing things. God will forever be God too. His infinite wisdom and ever-reliable knowledge would be very useful for us in 2014. His regret-free guidance and mentoring will keep us from waste of scarce resources, especially time and money. His foresight will provide us with an excellent and rewarding guide throughout the year.

In John 21, we are told of how Peter went out fishing and caught nothing. He caught nothing because he relied on His ability, which failed Him. He also failed because he did not know the right side of the boat/water that would yield a good catch. Man will forever think and act like man. However, when Jesus intervened, the difference between the knowledge of man and that of God became obvious. No gambling. No guesses. No risk-taking. No mistakes. No flaws.

Hence, in 2014, I am looking forward to divine directions like this…

Throw your net on the right side of the boat

and you will find some. When they did, they

were unable to haul the net in because

of the large number of fish – John 21:6

The Lord is still performing these miracles in the lives of those who seek His intervention after toiling for so long without success.

My prayer for 2014:

Heavenly father, I am human and will always be. In 2014 (and beyond), I count on your divine direction. I count on your flawless decisions, direction, mentoring and guidance. I count on your ever-reliable wisdom and knowledge. I count on your abundant grace, mercy and unconditional love. I count on your ability to do what is seen to be impossible. As you live and because of the awesome things you have done for me in the past and knowing and believing that you change not, 2014 will be a testimony-packed year for me and my family, in Jesus awesome name I pray, amen!

NB: You can copy and paste this prayer on the comment box if you so desire 🙂

I wish you a blissful 2014 filled with God’s ever-reliable direction.


The Full Time House Wife And The Working Class Wife

Image courtesy Ambro/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy Ambro/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A discussion with a family member this morning got me thinking….

I know this very wealthy family some years back. The man was a businessman while the wife was a full time house wife. I got to know later that the man refused to allow the work neither will he set up a business for her. He simply preferred her to be a full time house wife. In fact there was a joke that went round that he did not allow her to go out and work or run a business because of advances from men since she was very pretty. All entreaties from family, friends and the wife fell on deaf ears. And so, the man called the shots in the house 100%. The woman and children depended on the man 100% for all their needs. At a point, children were sent away from school when the man could not make funds transfer for the house keeping expenses and school fees.

Sadly, the man took ill and could not make it through. After the burial, the man’s family took over every reasonable property they could lay their hands on, living the woman to struggle for survival with her six children. Her life of comfort and glamour became a pitiable story. From her mansion she had to move into a very small house with her six children, courtesy of money she was able to raise from friends and her family. Her children had to be withdrawn from the very expensive private school to a public school. She had to start a small trading business to make ends meet.  You can imagine the rest of the story…

I also heard of this working class couple – the husband was a banker and the wife, a teacher in a private school. With their total income, they were able to plan the family well and live comfortably. The woman was a very useful to her husband, who did not have to be relied upon 100% for her personal and family needs. In addition to this, they both pooled funds together to set up boutique and a fashion house, both of which were doing very well and managed part time, by the wife.

Unfortunately, a mass sack affected the husband. He was jobless for thirteen months. Throughout this period, life continued as though nothing had happened. There was nothing to show that the man had lost his job. His savings, the wife’s job and businesses kept the family going comfortably.

Bottom line : In all that we do, the unknown future should be included in our decisions, considerations and plans. No one knows what the future holds. Only God does. As humans, we only hope and pray for the best.   

Thanks for your time.

Blaming God For Our Setbacks….

church-Prayer.jpg“Can a doctor force himself on a patient who

does NOT believe in him or does not seek his help?”

I have once lived a life of ignorance – a life of not knowing the reasons why things were happening to me the way I did not want them to and what I should do to “rescue” myself. Then, I was like a feather being tossed to and fro. To me then, every bad thing that happened to me was the hand work of God and His fault. To me, God MUST take care of me, no matter what. So, I blamed God for all the unpleasant things that happened to me. My sins were immaterial and whether I prayed or not was immaterial. Whether I was a child of God was also immaterial. God was supposed to  know when I needed help, and He should have helped me out. I relied so much on God’s amazing grace. So, GOD must be blamed for all the bad things that happened to me.

Now I know better. Now I  know God is not wicked. Now I know that even with His grace, I had to ask GOD to step into my problems whenever they reared their disgusting head….

“Now it came to pass on a certain day, that he went into a ship with his disciples: and he said unto them, Let us go over unto the other side of the lake.  And they launched forth. But as they sailed he fell asleep:and there came down a storm of wind on the lake; and they were filled with water, and were in jeopardy. And they came to him, and awoke him, saying,Master, master, we perish.Then he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was a calm. And he said unto them, Where is your faith? And they being afraid wondered, saying one  to another, What manner of man is this! for he commandeth even the winds and water, and they obey him.” (Luke 8:22-25)

Then I asked “what would have happened if our Lord was not called upon to intervene. Someone would have asked: “how come Jesus did not know that a ship wreck was about to occur?” Another would have asked: “did the disciples need to call upon our Lord Jesus to avert the impending disaster? Yet another would have asked: “are the disciples supposed to have problems with Jesus in the ship?”  A typical question people ask these days.

Hmnnn…What I learnt from this is simple…


“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;

knock and the door will be opened to you.        

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; 

and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matt 7:7)

Sadly, this tend to be our attitude – being so quick to point accusing fingers towards God at the slightest setback we suffer. In fact, the interesting aspect of it all is that those who have openly rejected God are even faster to make this accusation.

I have also come to terms with the fact that these accusations are also the result of  not being aware of some of the principles of prayers which I shared in my post “God does not answer prayers!!!???” 

One thing that is common among human beings is that it is convenient to shift blames rather than identify the route cause of problems. One big mistake however, that I feel a human being can make is to ascribe INCOMPETENCE, INABILITY, FORGETFULNESS, WEAKNESS, LOSS OF POTENCY or LIES to God !!!

Yes, there may be delays, but the delays are never because of INCOMPETENCE, INABILITY, FORGETFULNESS, WEAKNESS, LOSS OF POTENCY or because he has started telling LIES !!! …..

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time,

but at the end it shall speak,

and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it;

because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”- (Hab 2:3)


“God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man,

that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it?

or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” – Num 23:19

Thus, in all cases, a self-searching is needed. The refusal to do this, subjects people to the antics and wickedness of the devil  and his disciples. However, some people, including my humble self,  have refused to allow the devil to use them like a ping pong ball or toss them around like feathers.

So, pal, I leave you with this testimony that I love a lot….

“And Jesus arose, and followed him, and so did his disciples.

And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years,

came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:

For she said within herself, ‘If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.’

But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter,

be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole.

And the woman was made whole from that hour.” (Matt 9: 19-22)

So, pray without ceasing; do not be tied; the battle is only lost when you give up hope and do nothing; discover the barriers to answered prayers so that you can be a strong prayer warrior; read and strengthen yourself with testimonies of the power of GODbe comforted by the extra ordinary display of God’s power at the Red Sea; shun views that tend to discourage you from getting closer to God, read your Bible as much as you can and discover the secrets of a sweet relationship with God….but in all, and most importantly, STOP BLAMING GOD !!!

God bless us all an thanks for your time

Dedication : This post is dedicated to my good friend Shaun, as promised. God bless you dear friend. I hope this post serves the purpose for which it is meant 🙂

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Yet Another Bouquet Of Awards…SEVEN Awards !!!

As soon as I click “publish” using my laptop or phone, I always wish my posts well 🙂 I do so because all my posts are “posts with a mission” – a mission to achieve something in the life of my blog visitors who end up reading them. It usually gladdens my heart when my posts are appreciated with kind words or words which clearly show that the mission of my posts were actually accomplished.

No doubt, these wonderful visitors are the reason behind a post such as this accepting SEVEN awards, all seem to be saying : “Michael, welldone.”  I really humbled by this recognition. I am really encouraged and  inspired to freely give more of what I have freely received from God. And I promise to share more posts that will add value to the life of my posts readers.

TANUMOY, my good friend gave me a “small gift” of FIVE AWARDS nominations 🙂 ; SHAUN, another good friend of mine added one more. My pretty friend, LIDIYA added one more to make the number of awards a perfect number – incidentally my favourite number.

Sincerely, this is probably the first time I am slow in typing because of my being short of words. I am really humbled my the number of awards. Thanks a lot TANUMOY, SHAUN and LIDIYA. God bless you all real good for these beautiful gifts…..

Three awards in one - ninth award





versatile-blogger-nominationswonderful-readership-award - head

The ABC Award requires me to write a word or a phrase about myself for each of the English alphabets…..

A – Addicted to God forever

B – Blessed with the grace of God

C – Care for my family with a passion

D – Daniel and Daniella are names of my amazing gifts from God

E – Eggs happens to be one of my best foods

F – First thing I recommend to everyone in the morning is to pray

G – God is good…all the time

H – Have a splendid day. That’s my wish to you

I – ICT is one of passions

J – Jesus is Lord !!!

K – “Knowledge is power” is one of my guiding principles

L – London is one of my best cities

M – Michael is my first name

N – Nigeria is my country

O – Orange is my best colour

P – Peace of my mind means a lot to me

Q – Questioning is a part of me. It takes care of my inquisitive nature

R – R.Kelly’s song “the storm is over” is one of my best songs

S – Still schooling.

T – Today has been filled with God’s mercies for me and my family

U – “Unbreak my heart,” a song by Toni Braxton, is one of my favourite songs

V – Victor is my brother’s name

W – Williams sisters are certainly one of my best pairs in sports

X – Xerox is certainly  my best copier

Y – Yellow used to be my best colour before i changed to orange.

Z – Zebras are certainly not one of my favourite animals


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2.  http://karinasussanto.wordpress.com/

3. http://letsreachsuccess.com/

4. http://kerrichronicles.com/

5. http://spiritministries.wordpress.com/

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14. http://johnwhowell.com/

15. http://barbarastanley.net/

CONGRATULATIONS dear friends 🙂

An Open Letter To God Almighty….

Image of GraceIf my daughter could write a letter, this is what she would have written…..

My heavenly father,

I cannot think of a more appropriate way to start my letter to you than to say that you are exactly what my daddy said about you – that you are an AWESOMELY MAGNANIMOUS AND POWERFUL GOD !!!

This has played out in my life for the past eleven months that I have been in this world. It’s been eleven months of your amazing grace. My daddy told me that he gave me the name Grace to constantly remind you of how grateful he was to you.

However, last Monday morning, my family was thrown into sadness when I suddenly took ill. My temperature rose so high that the nurse said it was capable of leading to a convulsion. I coughed in a way I have never had before. I could not sleep all through the night. My mum and dad stayed awake too. I did not have the strength to eat, play, scatter the house..Oh sorry…re-arrange the house 🙂 ….or yell out any body’s name as I used to. I could not dance to every music I heard as I used to. I could not even smile as I used to. It was too much for an eleven month old baby. My parents were told I had infection and malaria.

While all these lasted my daddy prayed for me continuously. According to him, doctors and nurses take care of people, while you do the healing. He said many babies of my age and older people have died in the best hospitals across the world, over very minor circumstances. He kept whispering into my ears “GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH.” He said this all the time.

King of Kings and Lords of Lords, my daddy was right !!!! I am perfectly healed today. In fact, I started gaining back my normal self yesterday. I am back to ‘’business.”  🙂 Now I can do all the things I am known for. I was so strong to drag my mum off the seat yesterday 🙂

One thing I have learnt from this experience is that, some times in life, things can go wrong. When they do, I will always pray to you and say to myself “GOD WILL SEE ME THROUGH.” And I know you will, because my dad said you are the same, yesterday, today and forever 🙂

Dear father, thanks a lot for healing me. Thanks a lot for sparing my life. Thanks a lot for all you have done for me and my family. I know you will surely give me a blissful first birthday next month 🙂 Thank you so much in advance Dear Lord 🙂 Indeed you are an AWESOMELY MAGNANIMOUS GOD AND POWERFUL GOD!!!

I will forever seek and stick to you 🙂

Your Princess,

Grace 🙂

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Marriage Could Turn Out To Be A Nightmare If…

Image source:mediflip.com

Image source:mediflip.com

Last Sunday, I received a phone call from an acquaintance who wanted me to intervene in a marital squabble with her husband. Incidentally, I have lost count of the number of times I have been invited to intervene in their quarrels. Sincerely, I do not like having direct involvements in marital affairs, just like I don’t like people involving themselves in mine. I prefer a medium such as what I am doing now, to do that.
What really annoyed me most was that, as in the past, what caused the quarrel was so minor as to make the husband throw out her things and ask her to go back to her family. I was so upset. Sadly, their seven months old baby was caught in the middle of what I chose to call “immaturity in marriage.”

By the grace of God, my marriage will be six years old in September this year. Glory to God 🙂 I can never claim to have a perfect marriage to be a “marriage counselor.” But sincerely, I have learnt a lot in this one-of-a-kind “school” called marriage, to be able to share a few tips, targeted, mainly to those who are planning to get married some day in the near future. However, if you are married, going through my tips will certainly be rewarding.

Marriage is a sweet experience; but where the “rules” are treated with insignificance, or were the man and woman chose not to play by the “rules,” it could just be a prolonged nightmare, so horrifying that it could  scare (and have been scaring) single ladies and guys away from it.

Here are a few tips (just 14, to avoid a long list) I have been able to gather in this one-of-a-kind “school” called marriage….

1. Commit your marriage into the hands of God. God knows the past, present and future of your relationship.

2. The immediate thing that happens after marriage is that “I” and “my” ceases to be a priority. “We” and “our” becomes a priority in all that you do.

3. As a matter of “MUST,” you have to adjust your relationship with your male friends and female friends, especially your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend (as the case may be), to reflect your new status.

4. Do unto your spouse as you would have him/her do unto you.

5. Generally, it is being said that men are the heads of the family. I agree. However, note that a good family head MUST be caring, considerate and supportive to the wife.

6. One big mistake a man can make is to insist on a master-servant relationship between himself and his wife.

7. Every spouse loves a humble spouse. Pride stinks !!! It is the single most powerful home-destroyer !!!

8. If a man wants to show that he has power, he should not show it on the wife, he should go and sign up with World Wrestling Federation 🙂

9. As much as you can, keep your marital problems away from outsiders.

10. Strive to be the best husband (or wife) in the world and the best father (or mum) in the world when you start having children.

11. The worst solution to any marital problem is a separation or divorce, especially where you have children.

12. Read my post on 15 wrong reasons to get married.

13. Tolerance, perseverance, understanding, endurance, patience, slow-to-anger and over-looking of trivial issues, are traits spouses MUST imbibe.

14. A 24-hour communication must exist between spouses. Talk to each other. Do not be a boring spouse. Do not make your spouse seek who to share her thoughts with from outside. Do not hide your grievances from each other. Do not bottle up your thoughts towards each other.

In most cases, marriages are what the spouses make them to be !

May the Lord bless us all with marital bliss 🙂

Thanks for your time 🙂

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Put Your Trust And Confidence In God…Not Man

Few weeks ago, something “funny” happened in my place of residence. Robbers had a field day on the jeep of a neigbour of mine, in the midnight of that fateful day. They removed almost everything detachable from the body of the vehicle. All this while, the alarm system which was supposed to “secure” the vehicle did not go off. It was at the tail end of the robbery, when the owner of the vehicle came out and challenged them, that the alarm went off. They all escaped with their loot.

In another incident, a very rich man built high walls around his house, obviously to keep himself and his family “safe.” His gate was huge. These were complimented by security men. However, these did not prevent his home from being attacked. How? The robbers simply waited for someone to come out through the gate, and at gun point, escorted her back into the compound. All forms of security failed on that day.

What about the man who “fortified” himself and his home with charms from a supposedly powerful witch doctor and ended up dying an untimely death together with his “god.”

How do you see a man who puts his life and the lives of every member of his family into the hands of his driver and car. “I trust my wonderful driver and car” he says. They went out and were involved in a ghastly accident. No one survived !!!

Still, imagine a body guard who turns around to kill the same person he was supposed to protect !

On a larger scale, governments at all levels, all over the world, keep trying their best everyday to protect our lives and properties. But you and I know the reality on ground.

I could go on and on and on….

My journey through life has made me not to have faith in man-made security. Why? Man has failed sooo many times. Man has his limits. He tries very hard to provide security within his limited knowlege, power and resources. This is the main reason why man will forever provide what I chose to call FAILURE-PRONE SECURITY. This is exactly what we have today !!!

Along the line I came across what has become a part of me for for so long. It’s in Psalm 127:1. It says : “…except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” This has formed the basis of my prayers on security ever since I discovered it.

It follows that the alarm, high walls, guns, security men and similar forms of security will have greater efficacy if God is involved in the “security arrangement.” Interestingly, what we have is a total trust and confidence in man and man-made security. The result is what we have today.

So, if you seek my opinion, I’d say put security measures in place. Sure. That’s cool. But remember that “…except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

May the mercies and grace of God continually keep us safe.

Thanks for your time 🙂

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