Flashback 4 : Wishing You … And I Family Bliss

Image courtesy photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Hi Pals. I decided to dedicate my 4th flashback to “FAMILY PEACE.”

The most important community in the world is undoubtedly one’s family. After all the hustling and bustling that we go through everyday, the home provides the best place to unwind.

I have shared quite a few experience, tips and views on this very important topic and I hope you find them useful. If you have read them before, thanks a lot, and I wish you a happy and rewarding reading for a second time 🙂

Please click any of the posts below and savour my tiny contribution towards having and sustaining family bliss….

1. Parent-Child Relationship Gone Awry

2. Building A Strong Relationship With Your Child

3. Marriage Could Turn Out To Be A Nightmare If…

4. Handling Outsider Involvement In Marriages

5. A Humble Woman….

6. Pride Stinks !

7. That Comforter Of Yours Could Just Be A Home – Breaker !

Thanks for your time and wishing us all peace in our homes 🙂

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  1. Hello my friend. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your time and comment.

    Reading is a very strong bonding tool. I use it with my 5 yr old. I always notice this happiness on his face when I ask him to get his books so we can study together. It also generates more respect from the child, and gradually helps in building the eye-to-eye contact which is lacking in many parent-child relationships.

    After working with under 20s for more than 14 yrs, I noticed that children tend to be more closer to their home teacher than the school teacher. Why? Because there is more closeness and more eye-contacts. There is also more discussions,questions/answers….

    From reading together, you could even discover some things about the child’s academics which would have remained hidden.

    I recommend anything that makes a parent spend quality time with the child. That also includes playing together, going out together, lapping your child while you talk together, watch TV together, answering EVERY question you are asked and understanding the fact parent-child love diminishes faster than it grows.

    I hope you found my response useful 🙂

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