Flash Back Series 1: Tips For Parents

IMG00690-20130407-1007.jpgLooking through my “Pending” folder on my phone, I discovered that I had seventeen topics waiting to be served to my blog friends like you 🙂

However, none of these was as appealing to me as a long-standing urge to start a “flashback” of my already-published posts, for the benefit of my new friends who have not had the time to browse through all my 127 posts done till date; as well as my long-standing friends who would love to read these posts again.

So, dear friend, I serve you my oldies, though fresh as new…a collection of divinely-inspired thoughts, views and info. This will however run intermittently with soon-to-be-released new posts – all aimed at bringing you hope, comfort, happiness, education and a smile too 🙂

For starters, this set of five posts is a dedication to the holiday season and hence a special sharing with parents and our holidaying children. I hope you would find my humble thoughts, views and info very useful. Please just click and read…

1. The arduous task of parenting in the 21st century

2. What are we teaching our children?

3. Train up your child in the way that he should go…

4. Building a strong relationship with your child

5. Parent-child relationship gone awry

Wishing you a value-added reading and thanks for stopping by 🙂

Flash Back Series 2 coming soon…