Michael Jackson……Four Years On…..

Michael Jackson (Aug 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Michael Jackson (Aug 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Just like yesterday, four years have rolled by.  A friend could not even believe that four years is gone already, since the undisputed King of Pop moon-walked into non-existence. However,  the sweet memories lingers. Those flawless dance steps, lyrics that makes sense, very entertaining videos, philanthropy, benchmarks in entertainment and very strong penchant for perfection, have refused to fade away.

Yes, he did some bad things, but that was because you and I are like him – imperfect in our ways and having one or more negative (if not worse) things about us.

No doubt, he is greatly missed by his fans across the world, especially me. However, we take solace in all the collection of his various works at our disposal.

God bless the kids he left behind and family and….

May his gentle soul REST IN PERFECT PEACE, amen.

“…but all is possible if God is on my side…”

– Michael Jackson (Aug 28, 1958 – June 25,2009)


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  1. I love Michael Jackson and I still listen to his music today. I don’t know of him doing anything bad because I didn’t know him as a person. I do know that he was accused of a lot of bad stuff by parents who put their kids up to no good, for financial gain, and those kids later coming back, grown, recanting their stories (this is documented), telling the truth in the end. The parents should be forced to make a national public announcement of their crime to clear his name and then be punished justly.

    • 🙂 Well, Michael meant different things to different people. For me, he was the best entertainer I have ever known. Even in death, that status has not changed. I loved his personality too. He was obviously not a perfect human being, just as I am not. Thanks a lot for stopping by Shakti, and for your contribution too 🙂

  2. Brilliant blog Michael mate. I believe MJ could have been the second coming, he had that effect on us all at one point. But like everyone famous, the media ruined him and pushing him to a bad place.
    I did this: http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/2013/06/10/the-entire-michael-jackson-bad-lp/ I do all sorts of blogs, like to mix things up.
    I was a HUGE fan. When I was a kid I had Thriller and Bad posters all over my room.
    Out of all his songs, the one that SHOULD still change the world is this one.

    This song was Michael asking humanity to have a look at itself. Timeless, priceless, and will get bigger and will be remembered as a saint as time passes. I did not believe the rumours, I believe he was used for money He said as much in his songs, his lyrics told off how he felt about how he was treated, “Leave me along” from Bad LP was one.

    He was the best and nobody will ever come close to being as big as him, he captured World, the young, the old, every colour creed and religion because of his message. And the song I shared there was his finest song. As said he was a BRILLIANT entertainer/showman, but his message above even his voice will always be his legacy.

    I think you are I will be good friends Michael. You are a good man!

  3. What more can i add 🙂 ….You seem to be a huge fan like myself. I listen to his songs everyday. “Heal the world” and “Billie Jean” are my ring tones for now. It will remain so for a while. MJ was a great guy. I am happy that his accusers have been confessing. God will touch others to do same.

    I cannot dislike someone simply becos some people do not like him. He did me no wrong. Rather, he made me happy each time i watch him.

    God blesses whoever he desires, and with whatever talent. Michal was excessively blessed and he used his talent to create happiness across the world. I am realy glad you were fair in your assessment of his person.

    Thanks for the video you shared. And thanks for your kind words towards me. Of course i will like to be your good friend. You are already 🙂 Moreover, i cant wait to read that your ains have started fading away 🙂 It shall come to pass bro, by the grace of God. I belief in miracles 🙂

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      • I am very sorry for that. I just cant wait for you to tell me the news that “the storm is over”

        The post i told you i would dedicate to you is not going to really directly talk about you. It deals with some issues affecting you, myself and many people out there. Its going to be a dedication to you because my conversation with you triggered off the inspiration to do the post. Now you know one of the ways i get my topics 🙂 Soon, you will see what it is all about.

        Meanwhile, there is a comment i left on your blog you seem to have missed. I actually pleaded with you to STOP saying negative things to yourself about your health like : “God cannot heal me”…”it is a permanent pain”…..It might not be easy at first, but overtime, you will get used to it. Such negative beliefs are SOURCES OF PAIN themselves. So, are you promising me that you will start saying positive things about your health, like: “it shall come to pass some day”…. “I belief in miracles”???….

        Belief it or not bro WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE !!!…Can a doctor force tretmnent on a patient who does not belief in his ability or does not seek his help ???

      • Fair point on the pain. I am sure I did reply. I am aware I used to blog a LOT more about my pain, but in a way to help others understand the illness/disease. The same as your blog seems to be, or what it might. Informative about a relevant topic to help others.

        I find it very hard Michael, after 15 years of agony to see a light at the end of the Tunnel, but I also believe in fate. I think people are thrown together. Your optimism is Amazing and it is also infectious. So I will try. Deal? This is all I can promise this day, but it is a start. You truly have a good caring heart mate, and this is something I like in a person. So thank you for being positive. But I know you do understand why it is hard for me to be positive after all these years.
        BUT..Each day I smile and laugh with my children and live like many others, in the best way I can. The pain has almost become secondary to the side affects the medication has caused me. So sometimes you may be speaking to my Medication, sometimes my pain. I know you understand. But again, fate has a funny way of working. Or “God works in mysterious ways” My only issue with God is, “Why pain for 15 year?” What is he teaching me? Why does he keep me in pain. I was once a very naughty person. Today I am academically clever as I am street smart. I feel power of any kind, even the power to try and place pain to the back of the mind is a good thing.

        We have a deal.

        And I look forward to your blog.
        Enjoy your weekend my good man

      • Tanks for agreeing to the “deal” Shaun 🙂 “Why pain for 15 year?” Hmnnn. Only God can give an exact answer to this question.

        A colleaque of mine had to go through the pain of childlessness for 10yrs before God finally answered her prayers. Another renowned pastor who has been praying for other couples to have kids, had to wait for 16 yrs before he could carry his own baby.

        The turning point of my life came in 2001, when my younger had typhoid and was being wrongly treated for malaria. His blood dried Shaun. My brother was stone-cold gone. The tiny drop of blood that was seen in his body had started clotting. To make matters worse, we could not find blood to buy that night. I knew the only way out was God’s intervention. He did Shaun. He kept my brother’s heart beating without blood in his body. Is that fate? Luck? I refuse to give God’s glory to something else. I begged God to safe my brother as he lay lifeless on that hospital bed…and He did 🙂

        Like you, I wondered why God allowed it to happen? But I STUCK TO HIM shaun. It was the only wise thing to do. It was a delicate and dangerous situation. If not for Him, my brother would have died that night !!!

        Remember what MJ said in “speechless :” all is possible, if God is on my side”

        Please check out my “Inspiration” category for more soul-lifting facts about the power of God. You can start with these posts of mine :



      • oh man this is a long story..In Scotland there are 2 teams, Glasgow Celtic (Team I support/am a fan of) and Glasgow Rangers. Glasgow Rangers cheated the Tax man out of £150Million Pound. I was writing about that and on radio about it.Listen.

        Also celtic catholic rangers protestant, Celtic have 62,000 seater stadium and 75% are Catholic. Rangers have 51,000 seater stadium and 90% are Bigots.

        Celtic sing this
        Songs of peace, as most have Irish blood.

        Rangers do this

        I was DEEP into this. It got very nasty and evil and angry..So I left. listen to the Rangers fan speaking. Sick eh.

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