Aesthetics In Business

An ambiance of beauty

An ambiance of beauty

Everybody loves beautiful things. Everybody cherishes a beautiful environment coupled with beautiful, clean and well-laid-out furniture, fittings and equipment. I do and I know you do too.

Aesthetics (appreciation of beauty or good taste) is a crucial part of business. It speaks a lot about the “state of mind” of the business, the owners and the workers. It shows the businesses’ perception of taste, quality, health issues, attention to details, workers’ welfare and its attitude towards business success and competition.

Right from the lobby or reception of a business, you can tell what you are “likely” to meet inside. You are given a quick impression of the quality of goods and services you are about to exchange with your money.

Note that I used the word “likely” since you can still find very “beautiful” businesses that have nothing on ground that would make their customers want to come back.

Thus, the state of every physical structure a business uses sends a message across to its stakeholders, especially the customers. The colours, furniture, office equipment, stationery, documents like receipts, fliers, and every movable object, contributes to the beauty and ambiance of a business. No doubt, they add up to to form the assets which are capable of winning the hearts of customers over.

Where the business combines aesthetics and quality products, such a business is definitely every consumers’ preference.

Interestingly, while some businesses have very good taste and business sense, some businesses simply do not care. All they care about is making money, forgetting that businesses that displays an I-don’t-care-attitude towards their environment, with furniture, equipment and other business properties, in very bad state, send bad signals to their customers – two of which being that it has no concern for quality and has a strong non-challant attitude towards customer satisfaction and business/life generally. Such businesses end up attracting people of like minds. No theory is needed to prove this. It’s just common reasoning.

Interestingly, to have an ambiance of beauty does not cost a fortune. It’s a matter of having the right attitude. Having a very clean business place and environment goes a very long way.

So, do you own a business? What lasting impressions does your business have on customers and visitors? What kind of ambiance does your business portray?

Thanks for your time 🙂

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