To All Pregnant Women…

God’s purpose for pregnancy was for procreation. Nothing more. By extension, it was to bring joy, firstly, to the woman and then the family. You were supposed to be a “heroine” in a journey where only God can say, with 100% certainty, how it will end.

My thoughts goes to you today – thoughts that agree with God’s purpose for pregnancy – to deliver safely and then celebration follows…..

And when you eventually “arrive safely” with your heavenly gift(s), do not forget to give glory to God. Haven’t you heard; that so many women could not complete the “journey” even with the best of medical personnel and country that they put their hopes and confidence in. If you have done same, It is not too late to hand over the rest of the “journey” into God’s hands.

I wish you safe delivery and very beautiful gifts from the Most High God to show for it đŸ™‚

God bless us all