Three-Time Best Moment Award !!!…….Glory to God !!!

Three-Time-Best-Moment-Award-Winner (1)

It really feels good to be nominated for the same award three times !!! It really feels good to be appreciated. Thanks to God almighty and a very creative blogger like Shelia for this inspiring award. Thanks a lot for this gesture. Your blog is a source of inspiration to me and to all those who  visit your blog. Keep up the good work. May the Lord continue to strengthen us all in Jesus name, amen.Congrats everyone and God bless you all.

My nominees are:

1. – knowing you is one of the best moments I have had in blogging !!! 🙂

2. – You are a source of strength to your blog visitors …. and to me  🙂

3. – Your blog is one of the most beautiful to behold on WordPress.

4. – Only God can pay you back for all you have done for man kind. God bless you sir.

5. – There is no boring moment every time I stop by your blog 🙂

6. – …..and your blog too 🙂

7. – your blog is obviously one of the hand crafts of the angels of God 🙂

8. – yours is one of the most beautiful and inspirational blogs I have visited 🙂

Congratulations to you my friends 🙂

Please visit for the details of the award, including the appropriate badge.

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