Mothers’ Day Reflections…

IMG00690-20130407-1007.jpgIt was yet another Mothers’ Day on Sunday, 12th May, 2013. To this end, I salute every mother of the world. However, constraints made it impossible for me to contribute to the global discuss that usually comes with this ever-important day. The good news is that my contribution is better late than never.

I have written quite a few posts in the past related to these wonderful creations of God. To celebrate our awesome mothers, I share with you once again, some of these popular posts, which I implore mothers to reflect upon…..

Women are next to God…

Shut your door behind outsiders…

My advice to mothers…

Give your kids a good up-bringing…

Be a good role model for your kids…

Teach your kids about sex and dating…

Out of 5, rate your relationship with your children…

God bless the mothers of the world….




  1. Blessings Michael,
    Hope all is well with you and yours, may the Lord continue to bless you and your family exceeding abundantly and beyond your imagination. Doing a great service here brother, keep it up. I must say this is great advice.

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