Happy Birthday To …. Michael Monday !!!

God is good…all the time !!!
Blessed be your name Lord God Almighty, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, for your mercies over me for all the years you have gracefully given me so far. Thank you for adding yet another year to my life today.

I acknowlege the fact that your mercy, grace, favor, protection, love, kindness and awesome magnanimity have kept me going for the so many years I have sojourned on earth so far.

Even though I have some pending requests before you, I refuse to close my eyes and mind to all you have done for me so far. In tears, I say thank you soooo much, cos I know I don’t even deserve all you have done so far. As you live, and in the days to come, ALL my pending requests shall become testimonies in Jesus name, amen.

Hip hip hip…hurrayyyyy đŸ™‚

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