Withholding What Belongs To God.

versatile blogger awardHow would you feel (or how did you feel) if you did something worthy of praise and all the praises and recognition went to someone else? Bad and discouraged I guess? I would really feel bad. In “pidgin English” (a diluted version of the English spoken here in Nigeria), we describe that as “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop.” This means the monkey is working and the baboon is enjoying the benefits of the work. Huh ! That can be painful.

This is the same way God feels each time we take the glory, honour and exaltation that truly belongs to Him – and that to me, is withholding what belongs to God.

For some people, it’s a time to shine when they are being praised or exalted. Being praised is okay, but not acknowledging the source of the achievement is where I am concerned about. No doubt, ALL of man’s achievements and blessings come from God. Or should I say, ALL I can do and have done in life, which merits praise, honour and recognition, are privileges from God. And I will not take the glory for them, ALL glory belongs to God. Do you feel the same way too?

So, my take is when next you are given praises, honour and exaltation that rightly belongs to God, do not withhold them….pass it on….and He will surely bless you.

To God be the glory !!

Thanks for your time.

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