There Is A Voice Behind Every Dressing

Dressing is a form of communication

Dressing is a form of communication

I remember growing up. It was quite unusual for me to see the laps or breasts of grown-up girls or women. They treated those parts the way they were addressed – private parts. There was always this deliberate attempt to constantly cover them up.

Today, I would be seen as living in the stone-age if I dare criticize nudity in public, where there are many guys and ladies alike. I would probably be told: “Everyone’s doing it. Wake up Michael !” Even a 15 year old girl that I used to know to be so decent in her dressing this time last year, does not find anything wrong any more, in flaunting her breasts to the public.

So, why am I doing a post on this “interesting” subject that I know is certainly “out of control” and which has swept through the universe like air? Read on…

Few minutes ago, a young man almost hit me on the road while “admiring” a highly seductively-dressed lady who was barely naked. She wore a very short(you will certainly see her undies if she leaned over a table) tight gown that exposed 90% of her breast and exposed all her “endowments,” especially her back side, in a highly provocative manner. The way she even “moved” was as if she was actually making an “invitation for rape!”

Then, I had the young man mutter: “if I can just lay my hands on this lady…” You can actually feel and see the extent of his frustration as he could not lay his hands on her on the road. So, the question is: “what would have happened if it had happened in a secluded area?”

Interestingly, while doing this post on my balcony, I sighted another similar scene – this time a girl that should not be more than 15 !

It’s actually a free world where everyone is free to dress as they so desire. Hence, It’s up to you to draw your insinuations, conclusions and deductions from this post.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Great blessing awaits you for this beautiful and inspired word of yours. They who has ears let them hear what the spirit says. God bless you for this words and bless those that will read and be ready to speak right through their dressing.

    • Thank you sooo much Bro George for your prayers, to which I say a thunderous AAMEEENNN ! Your comments are very inspiring and encouraging. I really thank you for your very kind words. I join you in wishing and praying that this post will touch as many people as possible. I also hope those who read it will be also be “vehicles of change” to someone out there. Once more, thanks a lot, and may God bless you real good. Plz find time to visit the full site @ Am sure you will find other posts that you would like. Cheers.

  2. Micheal this is great. I would not blame the north for imposing sharia law to their populace. It happened everywhere. People sees nudity as a new way of life. That is why some ladies ended up been rape cos they expose their body for SEX. You will get what you deserve.

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  4. Mike, I love this post, short and direct. Yes, its awful out there and now in the house of the Lord. Shaking my head for this generation. May GOD turn our hearts back to Him. My brother stay safe out there.

    • Its terrible dear sisiter. Sadly, as I noted, it is “out of control.” And like you noted, the practice has crept into the church. A lot of pastors have been hypnotized even while preaching 🙂 Imagine a pastor reading from Matthew when he actually asked his congregation tp open the book of John – all because he was busy staring at the well-exposed “endowment” of a light-skinned lady who deliberately chose the front seat to “deal with” the pastor!!! 🙂 🙂

      Thanks for your advise ooo. 🙂 My security and that of my house hold is surely a priority of God. He has no choice but to keep us safe cos in His hands i committ myself and all that concerns me everyday.

      God bless us all and thanks for your visit 🙂

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