There Is A Voice Behind Every Dressing

Dressing is a form of communication

Dressing is a form of communication

I remember growing up. It was quite unusual for me to see the laps or breasts of grown-up girls or women. They treated those parts the way they were addressed – private parts. There was always this deliberate attempt to constantly cover them up.

Today, I would be seen as living in the stone-age if I dare criticize nudity in public, where there are many guys and ladies alike. I would probably be told: “Everyone’s doing it. Wake up Michael !” Even a 15 year old girl that I used to know to be so decent in her dressing this time last year, does not find anything wrong any more, in flaunting her breasts to the public.

So, why am I doing a post on this “interesting” subject that I know is certainly “out of control” and which has swept through the universe like air? Read on…

Few minutes ago, a young man almost hit me on the road while “admiring” a highly seductively-dressed lady who was barely naked. She wore a very short(you will certainly see her undies if she leaned over a table) tight gown that exposed 90% of her breast and exposed all her “endowments,” especially her back side, in a highly provocative manner. The way she even “moved” was as if she was actually making an “invitation for rape!”

Then, I had the young man mutter: “if I can just lay my hands on this lady…” You can actually feel and see the extent of his frustration as he could not lay his hands on her on the road. So, the question is: “what would have happened if it had happened in a secluded area?”

Interestingly, while doing this post on my balcony, I sighted another similar scene – this time a girl that should not be more than 15 !

It’s actually a free world where everyone is free to dress as they so desire. Hence, It’s up to you to draw your insinuations, conclusions and deductions from this post.

Thanks for your time.

Between Nepotism And Merit In Staff Selection

Image courtesy Ambro/

Image courtesy:Ambro/

Of all the resources available to a business organisation, the most crucial and major determinant of the success or otherwise of the business, is indisputably the human resource.

If you agree with me then you will also agree that the effectiveness of every other resource depends on the caliber of the human resource available in an organisation.

If you agree with my assertions above, then it becomes a settled issue that staffing – recruitment, selection and placement of workers – is one of the most delicate functions of the human resources department and by extension, the most delicate steps an organisation can take.

The human resource is just like a driver of a vehicle with every other resource on board the vehicle as passengers. So, their fate simply depends on how well (or not) the driver does his job.

Last Saturday  I watched a TV talk show where computer (my second love after Business Management) experts analysed the current trends in cyber crime. One of them then said something, which actually gave me the inspiration to do this post. He said a good percentage of the computer graduates we have these days cannot write a simple program !

In my 18 years of working, I have come across all sorts of workers – the good, the bad and the ugly. Some years ago an ex-colleague was fired for incompetence. Imagine an Accounting graduate that cannot reconcile a simple cash book with a bank statement. In fact he was caught with a text book on his laps. Another accounting graduate I once worked with could not prepare a Trading Account. How did they get their degrees ? Beats me! What do you expect from these members of staff?

They are not alone on this. I had to dump a particular mobile network because of a very arrogant Customer Care Officer who attended to me once when I had connection challenges. I am not the only one who has done this.

The worst cases are those staffers who are at the top echelon of business organisations. It is often said in business management, that the Management of any business organisation “dictate the atmosphere in an organisation.” If they are creative, excellent decision makers, intelligent, have foresight, innovative, excellent planners, motivators and up-to-date with current business trends, it will reflect in the affairs of the business. The reverse is sadly also true. Imagine a manager who is so old fashioned, disorganized, bad decision maker, unintelligent, acts before thinking, bad motivator, bad planner, knows next-to-nothing about creativity, innovation and current global management trends !!!

So many businesses are facing serious challenges today. While some are stagnant, some are moving at snail-speed, while some have even collapsed because of the choice of workers, especially at the management level.

A friend once told me that the major reason why one of the banks in Nigeria(name withheld) was doing so well was because of its deployment of sophisticated technology. Then I asked him a question “can technology, no matter the level of sophistication, come on board or work without human effort?” It’s simple – employ the right staff and enjoy the benefits; employ the wrong staff and watch the consequences unfold. It’s just a matter of time.

It is not different in public governance. In my opinion, one of the major reasons why the Governor of Lagos State(Nigeria), His Excellency, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, has performed so well is partly because of the caliber of men and women that makes up his cabinet. The other day, I watched the impressive achievements of his administration in all sectors of the economy of the state and I was so astonished because I was not aware of many of them. It’s simply a case of someone who cherishes outstanding performance gathering an outstanding team that can help him achieve his dreams for the state. Thumbs up for His Excellency and his outstanding cabinet.

My advice? Read the story of the outstanding names we have today in business (the owners and their businesses) and public administration. I do that a lot.

It’s just a matter of decision making…a matter of choices.

Thanks for your time.A