Let’S Talk About Sex !!!

Condom 2Hmnn. I am very sure I got an ”extra” attention from you on seeing the title of my post. Read on….

Last night I watched a TV Show that addressed a topic very few people, especially mothers, like talking about in public. And that is SEX (sexual intercourse) !!!

It also featured a short drama where a mother told her friend that her daughter asked her about sex. The friend, who did not like the development, said she hoped that the woman (the mother of the girl) cautioned the daughter. She said she did. The girl was thrown into confusion thereafter. If the mother cannot talk to her about sex, then who will.

This programme took me down memory lane. There is this friend of mine I met years back. In the course of one of our discussions she told me she lost her virginity at the age of 17. I asked her if she was not afraid of pregnancy to have fallen for the temptation. She said the boy told her that sex for the first time cannot lead to pregnancy. I asked her if her mother did not teach her about sex, pregnancy and related issues. She said her mother had never discussed such issues with her before. She said the mother used to call her a “small child” anytime she asked her questions relating to sex and relationships with boys. All she knew about sex and related issues came from mainly her friends and her biology teacher who was so shy all through the time he taught them “reproduction.”

So, it’s simple. If you do not teach your kids about sex and other facts of life, you leave them with no other alternative than to get their lessons from outsiders. One of such likely lessons is that a girl cannot get pregnant if she’s having sex for the first time. What a lesson !

A word is enough for the wise.

Thanks for your time.

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    • Thanks a lot Prince for your contribution. It really beats my imagination why parents, especially mothers feel so reluctant or “shy” to educate their kids, especially the girls, about sex. Like you said, what you hear is so much noise – noise that does not address the root of the problem. I teach my kid sister about sex, menstruation, relationships and other things a 14 year old girl needs to know. We should not allow outsiders to do it for us, cos they might end up with deceits similar to the one from the boy in my post.

      Once more, thanks for your contribution. I promise to visit your site to see what you are into.

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