The Awesome And Privileged Gift Of A New Day

Its a new day. A new opportunity to right our wrongs of past days. Its another day added to our life  Today, we have hopes that our sweet dreams and unanswered prayers will yield shouts of joy. This has been the case from the day of our birth till this morning – day in day out.

Sadly, not all those who slept yesterday woke up this morning. They cannot do or hope for anything any more. All hopes have been dashed. They peacefully slept their last sleep.

One thing is certain – we are not enjoying the fruits of our good deeds. Neither is the security we have put around us responsible. The truth is that God just decided to shower us with His amazing grace and mercies, for reasons best known to Him. Why? I am not bothered. I don’t think you are too. But I would rather chose to say thanks a lot to God almighty for His AWESOME MAGNANIMITY towards me, my family, my friends and you….

What about you ?….

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