First Impression In Business

Image courtesy adamr/

Image courtesy adamr/

Few days ago, I needed to have a hair cut. I was so reluctant to use my regular barber. He is popular in my neighborhood because his cut is the cheapest. I did not want to go him because, even though his services were the cheapest, his customer relations was very poor. He always carried himself as if he was doing his customer a favour rather than the reverse being the case.

And so, I decided to try out the new guy in the hood. As soon as I entered, I could feel an atmosphere of “customer appreciation.” I was greeted with a warm welcome spiced up with a smile and visible respect for my person. He even helped me fix myself properly on the seat – something the other guy would never do.

He asked me the style I wanted; I told him and he got to work. All through the cut, he treated me with maximum respect and care. He even cared to ask if the clipper was hurting me. He gave extra attention to every detail involved in the cut.

The summary of my experience is that he was conscious of the fact in business “the consumer is king” and should be treated as such. He treated me like “if I don’t use this oportunity well, he might not come back.” As if he read my mind. My going there was actually a test. He passed big time.

Guess what? He’s now my first choice. I don’t find myself going back to the other guy again. I prefer a place where I will not only get value for my money, but also find an ambience of “excellent customer relations.” Nobody wants to go to a place of busines where the owner wears a facial expression that makes you go “is he/she annoyed that I came?” I would not like a place where I would be afraid to ask questions or to touch something.

There can never be two first impressions in business. The first impression I get goes a long way in telling me what to expect in future. It comes only once. It is either used for or against the business.

I leave you to draw your conclusions and make your deductions.

Thanks for your time.

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