Live in 2012

I saw this beautiful piece on a blog and felt you will also love it………


Life in 2012 probably wasn’t great year
Even though I didn’t make it in college
I’ve made friends that were there
No one picked on me and everyone treated me nice and fair
I’ve always wanted friends that way
We cried and we just bonded as a family and I missed that
We came close as suit roommates
But as life goes on we still keep in touch
As life in 2013 it’s just loosing relatives that u barley know and in the hospital
Through it all I’m just praying that I make it
Sometimes all you need is prayer to make it through rough times
Sometimes your friends can keep a smile on your face and make you happy no what
Depression and sadness is not the key to your problems
But prayer and a friend is all you need to keep the pain away
Even if you miss…

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