LORD, Have Your Way…

when GOD is  involvedAngelina wanted to travel to Lagos, Nigeria by bus. So she paid and occupied a seat and then she went to buy some items. When she returned, she found out that another person had occupied her seat.

So she tried to get her seat back but the person would not relocate. Refusing to pick a fight, she collected her money and got another bus. Later, the bus took off.

The bus she boarded followed afterwards. On their way they met an accident involving a bus which looked like the one she abandoned. Getting closer, she found out that it was actually the bus and the only dead person was actually the lady who sat on the seat she was supposed to sit on earlier.

Expectedly, she was full of praises to God for not insisting on sittng on that seat that was taken by someone else.

This is just one instance where God has safed you and I from unpleasant occurences. It does not mean that the lady who died is worse than Angelina. The fact is God choses who ever He choses to have mercy on. That is one reason why we have to pray without ceassing.

He has used all sorts of barriers to either help and safe us from pain and sorrow or to take us to higher levels – minor accidents, sickness, loss of jobs, dissapointments, quarrels, discomforts and much more.

I read of a man who missed his flight as a result of stomach upset. Not too long after, news had it that the plane crashed. Everyboduy died.

In another instance, a lady was fired at work. From little savings she started a catering business when she could not get another job. Today she’s thanking God for that sack. She’s now a multi millionaire.

There are so many similar stories. I am sure you have many to share too.

One of my best Bible stories is how Joseph had to be sold by his brothers and imprisoned just to become a Governor in Egypt (from Gen 39). One might have pitied him for what he was going through. But God knew what He was doing.

In my own journey throuh life, I cannot count how many times I have had to thank God for an unpleasant event that happened to me which eventually turned out to be blessings in disguise.

One fact is certain though, unpleasant events are bitter pills to swallow. Its hard to accept a job loss as having any positive thing behind it. What one sees is hunger and suffering about to creep into one’s life. Its hard to accept a severe stomach upset when one is about to board a flight for a very important journey. I guess Joseph was in a pitiable position when he was sold and later imprisoned.

In all, God sees and knows the end of the journey even before a step was taken.

What to do? What I always recommend is a DELIBERATE AND TOTAL SURRENDER to the wishes of God for all of our life’s undertakings. It involves actually telling God that His wishes and decisions superceed ours.

If God knows our lifes inside out; if God knows the present and the future and if God is NOT WICKED, then I think it is very safe and wise to hand over our lives to Him in totality.

What do you think ?


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