Bullying : A Tale Of Wickedness, Insensitivity And Consequencies

After reading my post “Parental ‘Bullying’ ” I felt the strong urge to do a post on the real act of wickedness called bullying. The strong urge came after reading a post of my blog follower who incidentally was a victim of bullying.

Image courtesy David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigital Photos

Image courtesy David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigital Photos

In my own case what we thought was parental “bullying” was actually “firm parental guidance” which a lot of children were not fortunate to grow up with and which has really helped me in my journey through life.

My friend’s(follower) post instantly reminded me of a 10 year old boy of blessed memory, who was bullied till he gave up the ghost. It was hell on earth for the boy on a daily basis, till we heard what we feared – he had passed away. Even convicts did not go through what the late young boy passed through in the hands of the mother…yes the mother.

There are many cases like this all over the world, especially in the homes and schools.  Relationships have also not been spared. Sometimes they end up in fatality – permanent deformity or death.

Interestingly, some parents do not even know that they are bullying their children. To them it is discipline. Would you call banging a child’s head on the wall discipline? Would you call sending a child to sleep out in the rain discipline? Is sending a child out to sleep in the dark discipline? Would you call rough-handling a child discipline? Or would you call giving a child a punch, slap, upper cut, kick or dragging a child on the ground discipline? The list of similar wicked acts is endless.

One thing I have tried as much as possible to do with my 4 years+ son is avoiding every act capable of making me appear as someone who is oppressing him because I have more strength than he does. I make him feel being disciplined and not bullied. I make him see his wrong doing. And very importantly, I don’t allow it to last too long before I draw him closer to myself, just like my parents did to us. This is to draw a huge line between hatred and discipline.

Sadly, some parents need a lot of counseling in this regard. So what they end up doing is making the child become hardened rather than remorseful. In extreme cases, you see a father and son throwing punches at each other. In other cases the child seeks for love and comfort outside. The child even develops other negative traits along the line.

Image courtesy imagerymajestic/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy imagerymajestic/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Bullying has also become common place in schools globally. In some cases, they end up in deaths. We hear of the senior students bullying the junior ones or the stronger or more privileged students bullying the weaker or lesser privileged  ones.

Offices are not spared of this inhuman practice. Employees in some organisations are just walking corpses because of the inhuman treatment they receive from their bosses and/or employers. Female employees are subjected to severe mental and physical exhaustion from superior officers.
Some are subjected to sexual harrasments from their bosses and/or employers.

One thing I noticed is that most people who bully are just playing out the crisis in their homes or letting us into their upbringing. It is very uncommon to find people from homes where their parents brought them up properly and showed them love, develope such wicked hearts that make them so insensitive to the pains of others. Similarly, parents who bully their kids obviously got the bad trait from somewhere.

However, what ever the origin of a bully’s wickedness, I strongly feel they are simply inviting the wrath of God and man, as well as attracting chain  consequences which will surely affect the bully in days/years to come, and which he might not be able to cope with.

And if you belief in “what goes around comes around” then it is obvious that the bully would get a pay-back sooner than expected.

Join me in saying “Stop the bully and avoid the wrath of God and man.”

Thanks for your time.

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