Keep Your Head Up : GOD Is Still GOD

Dont worrySeptember 22, (or there about)2001 marked a turning point in my life. Even though I had had many powerful testimonies about the awesome magnanimity of God, this month and year changed my thoughts and hope on God for ever.

My younger brother was wrongly diagnosed and treated for malaria, instead of typhoid fever. By the time it was discovered that he actually had typhoid fever, his blood had almost dried up…yes! Dried up. It had reduced to 23 PVC. The challenge was taking his blood sample so that we could buy blood for transfusion. As the devil would have it, the tiny drop he had in him had started clotting. His blood group could not even be seen to buy. Fortunately, a friend donated one pint, which was next to nothing, compared to how much blood he had lost.

All through the night my brother laid on that ill-equipped hospital, which was the nearest we could rush him to, he was as cold as a frozen fish. His eyes looked grayish all through and he did not see any one of us by his bed side. At that moment, I had lost all hope. I only continued to beg God to have mercy upon us and bring my brother back to life, because he was gone. Yes! GONE.

It was actually a Saturday night. God speared his life that night. By morning time, his body had received a DIVINE TOUCH. His temperature had improved. He was able to see us. At this point, we got to know that even though his eyes were open all through the night, he was not seeing, as he accused some of his friends of abandoning him all through the night. Meanwhile, they were with him all through the night.

Guess what. By Wednesday (5 days after), my brother, who lay Iifeless on that hospital bed, five days earlier was strong enough to give the devil and his disciples a memorable punch. He was discharged as a result. Today, he is happily married with a family. Praise God !!!

Since then, my favorite part of the Bible has been Exodus chapter 14. I call the chapter My Comforter (if you have never read the chapter, please do). From then on, I developed this confidence and hope in GOD that makes me constantly tell those in pains to keep their heads up, pray instead and wait on God .

One of such is persons and to whom this post is dedicated, is a friend who was finding it very tough with life, especially at work. He was always downcast and thought of many options, which did not include reporting to God what he was passing through. With confidence, I often told him two things: firstly, no matter how degrading or humiliating his job was; and no matter the amount of frustration he was getting from his boss, he should do his work well. Secondly, and more importantly, he should take his pains to God in prayers without ceasing and report his boss who does not belief in the transient nature of power. With my journey through life so far, I could not think of a better advice. My advice was priceless.

I prayed along with him for God to show that He gives and takes power and that He should  repeat what He did for the Israelites in the land of Egypt. Today, a new chapter has been opened in his life. He now has a job he can be proud of – promising, decent, comfortable and a humble and caring boss. Now he flashes back to those days when I used to advise him. Now, he beliefs that indeed GOD is still GOD.

Thus, as someone who has tasted the awesome magnanimity and power of God several times, I have found it very easy to recommend this ULTIMATE PROBLEM SOLVER to those in “pains.”

Like my friend, oftentimes, we do not get what we want from GOD at the time we needed it. He is the only one who can give the exact reasons for His actions. Even though, we expect things to happen our own way. Truly…

the vision is yet for an appointed time,

 but at the end it shall speak

and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it;

 because it will surely come…(Hab 2:3)

And truly, God will show His awesome power to those who diligently and prayerfully put their hope on Him. No doubt, it’s hard to wait sometimes. But is it not better to wait on God forever than to hurriedly run after the devil and his disciples and then have a bag full of regrets???

Often times, people lose their divine gifts because they think they are wiser than GOD or because they think  that God is too slow. The book of Proverbs 14:12 says that:

There is a way which seemeth 

right unto a man,but the end 

 thereof are the ways of death

So, are you pressed down by some of the challenges of this life? Have you been praying for so long without answers? Or perhaps you have been looking for solutions where they don’t exist? Do you know that someone else has had a more complex problem and was delivered by God Almighty? Do you agree that God is not wicked, deaf  or selective in helping people? Do you belief in the amazing grace and mercies of God ? Do you know that troubles and temptations are bound to face us everyday ? DO YOU BELIEF IN GOD’S ABILITY TO SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM ???

 For me and my household, God has been very wonderful. We have had had our problems and challenges too. But I refuse to close my eyes to God’s magnanimity towards me and my family. I can never thank Him enough. I am sure a lot of people out there (including you) can also attest to His grace, mercies and awesome magnanimity.

So, if you know anyone (or perhaps you are the one) who is always deep in thoughts or worried, with plenty of confidence, I say (or please say to the person) …. keep your head up….diligently seek God’s intervention, cos I am soooo sure that GOD is still GOD !!!

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,

thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.’ (Jere 29:11)

GOD bless us all …. and congratulations to my good friend.

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  1. Thanks I really appreciated for reblogging on yours and I reblooged this on mines so everyday when I look at my blog I will read it. I downloaded an app on my ipod to recorded my prayers and it actually helped. 2013 has been quite a year but I know God Has plans for me to get student loans payed up so I can go back to school and I’m getting some training done in my major before I go back including getting counseling done by talking to friends who’ve been in the same situation I’m in. So I’m blessed to have them and thank you for allowing me to read this.

  2. He is able – I have seen Him do the amazing countless times. A couple of years ago, our Nicaraguan head nurse’s granddaughter drowned. She was only about 18 months old. When mom found her, she was laying face-down in water that looked like raw sewage – blue as a pair of new Jeans. We lifted her to the Lord, asking Him to make her like Jairus’s daughter – not dead, only asleep. By the time our crew arrived to attempt resuscitation, mom already had her bathed, in clean clothes, and giggling in her arms! The little one never even developed any sort of infection from the gross water she was found in. God is good.

    As a result of that little girl’s life, her grandma, mom, and brother are all walking with the Lord. Had she not returned to life, we would have packed up and come home, for our hospital staff would have been taken out.

    Oh yes, I have seen His healing!

    Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement.
    Praise Jesus!

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